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The Academic Council at its meeting held on 18-04-2013 resolved to approve the recommendations of Committee constituted to frame a complete/ comprehensive policy for Foreign Students of Master’ and Bachelor’s Programme regarding reservation of seats for different departments in the University.

The Foreign Students and Pakistani Nationals settled abroad will be encouraging and admitted in Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes under the directives/guidelines as laid down from time to time by the Government of Pakistan (GOP), Ministry of Education (MOE), Economic Affairs Division (EAD), and Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The admission will be granted to the foreign students with the following terms/conditions: –

(a) Classification of Different Categories of Foreign Students

The following will be considered as foreign student.

  1. Foreign Nationals and Dual Nationals (having Pakistani and some other nationality);
  2. Refugees (status recognized by Government of Pakistan).

The above definition will include:

  1. Private students (Self Finance);
  2. Government of Pakistan, sponsored students
(b) Specific Enhanced Fee Structure

The foreign students will have to be deposited the fee/dues for admission to BS/Pharm-D/LLB etc. Programmes on the rates as recommended by the Fee Structure Committee of the University and approved by the Syndicate from time to time. However, the Refugees registered with NADRA (for whom Directives from HEC/Govt. of Pakistan are available) if they will admitted against the reserved seats for Foreign Students will also be charged Tuition Fee/Dues at par with the local students OR the Fee Structure Committee of the University recommended the Fee Structure for Refugees and approved by the Syndicate from time to time.

(c) Exemption/Non-Exemption from Entry Test

The above mentioned classified Foreign Students will be admitted in BS/Pharm-D/LLB etc. etc. Programmes subject to pass the entry test of the Department/Institute/School/Centre (DISC):

  1. SAT-I/ University Admission Test for all Bachelors and Masters Programmes:
  2. If required by the Department, the students would have to take and pass the remedial courses in the first semester to make up the deficiency.
(d) Department-Wise Seat Allocation
  1. There will be 10% seats of the total seats (Regular + Self Finance Basis) will be reserved for foreign students in each Department/Institute/School/Centre, (DISC) in every semester. (The actual number would be decided by the concerned Department/Institute/School/Centre, (DISC). These would be additional seats, over and above the current number in each Department/ Institute/School/Centre (DISC).
  2. The distribution of seats between private students (Self-Financed) and Government sponsored students will be included in the total number of seats for foreign students. Distribution between these categories can vary from department to department so as to accommodate the needs of both the Government and the departments concerned.
(e) Orientation Courses

A formal “Foreign Students Advisory Office” will be established with the QAU campus. It is will be prime responsibility of the Incharge of the office to educate the foreign students about the rules and regulations of the University as well as customs, social and cultural norms/issues of the region. The Incharge will also help and advice in all other matters of the foreign students.

(f) Separate Hostel Facilities

The hostel facilities for at least 50 Male + 50 Female Foreign Students will be developed initially, with good facilities commensurate with fee structure. However, if University accommodation is unable, the foreign students will be required to find their own accommodation.

The Committee recommends that in order to avoid creating two classes of students, with regard to living conditions, the living conditions in all the hostels should in due time be brought at par with those recommended for foreign students.


With regard to the request by the Pakistan Embassy in Nepal to reserve 2-seats for Nepalese students in MSc (International Relations), the Committee (after consultation with Director, SPIR) recommends that 02 seats per year can be accommodated in the School of Politics and International Relations, as Government sponsored seats, within the overall foreign students seats. The student would have to qualify as per rules.

The Committee does not recommend country specific reservation of seats. However, the Committee requests the Vice-Chancellor to discuss the matter with concerned Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials to ensure that our recommendations are in accordance with G.O.P commitments and not inconsistent with Special Assistance Programme for South Asia (SAPSA) agreements.

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