QAU >> Message from Dean Natural Sciences

It is a pleasure welcoming you to the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The Faculty is as old as the University itself. The Faculty was the first to be established in the University and it initially comprised the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. Today, it also houses the departments of Earth sciences, Electronics, Computer Science as well as a Computer Centre and the Institute of Information Technology. Some of its departments have set trends in scientific research in Pakistan.

I believe a university is known by the Faculty members it has. The Faculty of natural Sciences has earned respect internationally for its high class fundamental scientific research. It has an excellent cadre of Faculty members some of whom are outstanding scientists in the world. They are by the large abreast with the modern scientific and technological research trends. The Faculty is driving force of innovation and technology.

The Faculty has been the pioneer in the production of a highly qualified working force in the country, producing the highest number of MPhil and PhD scholars. It offers a variety of modern courses in MSc, MPhil and PhD degrees in various branches of sciences. If you are thinking of pursuing a degree in science, you can be assured that many opportunities await you in your future career. Technology and society will undergo many changes in our lifetime, but training in scientific thinking and in the fundamentals of science will continue to be important and relevant. Our science graduates go on to careers in education, engineering, finance, business, information technology and management. Those with higher degrees often pursue research in academic careers.

In the Faculty of Natural Sciences, we offer you a flexible curriculum with many opportunities for multi-disciplinary studies. We also offer courses to give a more well-rounded education. Our Faculty is well endowed with world renowned award-winning professors who are passionate about teaching and research. We have adequate laboratories, and a campus-wide networking learning environment.

We, in the Faculty, aim at to create a collegial and conducive environment for nurturing excellent researchers and scholars. With academic staff strength of more than 110, we encourage each person to excel in whatever he or she is best in, be it teaching or research or cultivating a critical skill that is essential to the mission of this Faculty. Recruiting and nurturing talent is the top priority of our Faculty.