QAU >> Message from Dean Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a range of degree programs in the disciplines of Anthropology, Area Studies, Asian Civilizations, Defense & Strategic Studies, Economics, Gender Studies, History, International Relations, Law, Linguistics, Pakistan Studies, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology.

Over time, the Faculty has expanded both in terms of disciplines and degree programs. Responding to the signals of public demand, Undergraduate Programs in Economics, Management Sciences, and Law were launched in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

The Faculty has about 3500 enrolled students and over a 100 teaching faculty members, around half of whom hold PhD degrees.The University is also continuously striving to increase the number and qualifications of the Social Science teaching faculty members so as to maintain internationally accepted quality standards in teaching and research. In line with its historically strong emphasis on offering research degree programs, the Faculty has produced nearly 100 PhD and 1000 MPhil graduates in various disciplines to date, who are rendering valuable services in the promotion of higher education and research at the national and international level. Overall, in terms of career placement, the alumni of the Social Science Faculty are widely spread across public and private sector institutions, international organizations and civil society organizations. Certain customized certificate programs have also been launched in select social science disciplines to cater to career advancement needs of various professionals.

In line with the growing emphasis on University-Community linkages, the Social Sciences Faculty is raising awareness on community service by teachers and students based on multi-dimensional activities involving classroom learning, seminars, advocacy campaigns and field events. There is also an effort to promote cross-disciplinary research to acquire a better understanding of the socio-economic issues and challenges confronting our nation and the social science teaching faculty is actively sought after for giving evidence based policy advice at various global, regional and national forums as well as for delivering training in their respective disciplines to a broad spectrum of audiences.
I am confident in stating that the Faculty of Social Sciences promises a rich, exciting and challenging learning experience as well as a promising career path to students who wish to pursue academics in any of the offered disciplines and degree programs. I invite you to explore the possibilities of enjoying this truly unique and rewarding academic experience!