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Message From Dean Biological Sciences

As Dean Faculty of Biological Sciences, it is a matter of great prestige for me to welcome and introduce you to the Faculty. This is an amazing time to be exploring the Biological Sciences. As the study of life itself, biology aims to elucidate universal truths of the natural world and discover its essential fundamental laws and principles. Our understanding of the foundations of life is constantly growing, becoming more sophisticated every year. We have a vibrant and interactive faculty who perform cutting-edge research addressing questions of relevance to medicine and life sciences, biotechnology, pharmacology, agriculture and environmental change. Previously, the faculty was working at the Department level. Later, in 2006, due to the growing trends and the high influx of students in the field of Biology, the Department was upgraded to the faculty level with its eight major Departments including Zoology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, Bioinformatics, Environmental Sciences and Pharmacy. Moreover, the faculty is launching the Departments of Forensic Science and Food Science & Technology in the near future.

Along with this infrastructure development, the faculty has witnessed remarkable growth and development in terms of its dual mission of teaching and research. Special emphasis has been placed in upgrading the existing research capacity. Our faculty works both on basic and applied aspects of various sub-disciplines of Life Sciences. We are working hard to equip this faculty with state-of-the-art facilities. The Faculty recruits some of the very best scholars and foreign qualified teachers. Funding for our research programs primarily comes from agencies like HEC, PSF, USAID, British Council, ALP (Agriculture Linkage Program),DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), German Science Foundation and GBIF (Global Biochemistry Information Facility). Research performed by our faculty is routinely published in some of the world-class Journals of biological sciences. Our faculty has been frequently receiving civil awards, medals and research productivity awards in recent years. Currently, this Faculty is one of the few in our country that offers a comprehensive degree program at BS, M.Phil, and Ph.D levels. Our academic programs are tailored to meet the needs of life sciences in the region and across the world.

Our academic programs have a high success rate in placing students into relevant professional fields and many of whom are contributing a great deal to different academic, research and industrial positions in some outstanding institutions in the country. Recently we have initiated projects of commercial importance for the socioeconomic uplift of the country. In this regard, our faculty holds several international and national patents. Moreover, 300 medicinal & endangered plant species, wild fruits, vegetables and oil-yielding plants have been planted in QAU Botanical Garden. It is important to mention that our Herbarium is the largest in Pakistan with 0.2 Million of specimens. At the Faculty of Biological Sciences, we try to give our students and colleagues the best educational opportunities and environment to help them in materializing their goals.

Prof .Dr. Sarwat Jahan
Dean – Faculty of Biological Sciences

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