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1. Salary Section:

Deal salary of all the regular, contract and daily wages employees.
Deal the Remuneration of all the employees of all Departments.
Deal the Medical Consultation, Lab Test, Prolong Treatment and Hospitalization bills
Deal the House Building, Motor Car, Motor Cycle and Cycle Advances.
Viva- Voce Examination bills.

2. Scholarship Section:

Deal 32 Departments (Deptt and Hostel) Dues.
Deal 32 Departments different Scholarships.
Deal approximately 30 different Scholarship awarded to students.
Posting Deptt and Hostel Dues in the registers.
Dairy and Dispatch all the Departments and Sections.
Library and Hostel Securities.

3. Billing Section/Other Charges

4. Book Keeping Section

5. Budget Section

6. G.P. Fund/Pension Section

7. Cash Section