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Treasurer Office – Sections

Salary Section
  1. Salary of about 2300 regular, daily wages, contract employees of BPS-1 to BPS-21
  2. Part time Teacher’s bills internal & external
  3. Overtime, TA/DA, ICT bill, Lab Tests, Legal Charges, Conduct of Examination
  4. Farewell grant, BFund etc
  5. Hospitalization charges (Regular/Retired employees
G.P Fund Section
  1. Pension, Family Pension, Restoration of Pension & Yearly Increase on Pension
  2. Benevolent Fund Grant
  3. Group Insurance
  4. Death Claim
  5. G.P Fund endorsement
  6. G.P Fund Interest
  7. Four sorts of G.P.F Advances, 50%, 80%, 100% & Final Payment.
  8. Payment of 13th Salary of TTS
Audit Report & Budget Section
  1. Preparation of Annual Budget Estimates and Revised Budget Estimates.
  2. Preparation of TTS Budget
  3. Preparation of Budget Proposal of HEC
  4. Preparation of Foreign Exchange Budget
  5. Dealing with Finance Division for release of Foreign Exchange Budget case to case
  6. Preparation of the Agenda of F & P Committee
  7. Dealing with Audit
  8. Dealing with External Audit
  9. Dealing with DAC matters
  10. Dealing with PAC matters
  11. Verification of records of outstanding Audit Para’s
  12. Maintaining record of F & P Committee meeting
  13. Arrangements of Evening Program Policy meeting
Billing Section
  1. Vendor Payments
  2. Imprest, Advances
  3. University Research Fund
  4. Repair of Vehicles
  5. Telephone, Electricity, Gas, Water
  6. POL Grade BPS-21 to BPS-22, Newspaper
  7. POL Transport Unit, Adjustments
  8. Development Projects, Seminar Conference
  9. Travel Grant, Indigenous Scholarship
  10. Research Projects
  11. Evening Program Salaries
  12. Evening Program Purchasing
  13. Project Security Refund
Book keeping Section
  1. Deal with external Auditors of Pakistan for University
  2. Financial report of Recurring Grant quarterly basis
  3. Maintain the Recurring Ledger/Vouchers
Cheque & Reconciliation Section
  1. Deal with all Cheques of the University Accounts including Salaries, House Rent, Vendors Payment, Visiting Faculty, Regular Faculty, Medical Advances etc.
  2. Investment Policy files and Maintain record
  3. Cash Book maintain and record

Treasurer Office

Main Offices

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