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Conversion of Admission From Self to Regular Basis (Morning)

(Reference Academic Council 117th meeting held on 02-06-2016  & Syndicate 168th meeting held on 1st & 13th March 2017)

A student of BS/Pharm-D/LLB programmes, admitted and deposited his/her fee/dues either on Self Finance basis and till the finalization of admission process his/her name does not appear on regular basis in subsequent lists, then the student may request for transfer on Regular Quota Seat through the Chairperson/Director of respective Department/Institute/School/Centre subject to the following conditions: –

  1. If the request is made by a student within 60 days from the date of commencement of 1st
  2. If the seat in the same department where he/she is registered is vacant OR vacated by other fellow student in case of cancellation admission on disciplinary or any other ground within 60 days from the date of commencement of 1st semester.
  3. If the student had filled the priority on Regular while submitting the Admission Form is intact.
  4. If the student is next on merit in the relevant regional quota seat.
  5. The fee/dues on Regular basis will be considered from 2nd semester and onwards.
  6. No request for conversion of admission from Self Finance to Regular basis shall be entertained after the prescribed time on any ground whatsoever.
  7. The Academic Council in its 122nd meeting held on 04-12-2018 resolved to approve the recommendations of the Committee regarding policy of conversion of students from Self-Finance to regular basis against the vacant and cancelled seats within the same department with aggregate marks not less than 2% of the last admitted student on the regular basis in the department and within the approved time frame.
Note : Undergraduate Programme (Evening) – Admissions on Self-Finance Basis only
Undergraduate Programme

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