Announcements :

Name of Project: Provision of Academic & Research Facilities, and Girls Hostel at QAU,
Project Cost: Rs.2074.171 million (FEC: Rs.424.829 million)
Current Status: Approved by the CDWP on 19-03-2018 and its Administrative approval is issued on 23-11-2018. The scope and cost breakup of the project is as under:-

S. No.Description Total Cost (M)
1Civil Works including external development1273.506
iResearch Equipment64.030
iiTeaching Equipment50.371
iiiCentralized Lab. Equipment424.829
3Networking & Communication117.728
4Furniture / Fixtures70.271
5Office Equipment12.140
7Project Coordination Staff5.296
  1. The scope of this project includes Construction of 2-Academic Blocks, Examination/Services Block, 3-Students Hostels, Centralized Laboratory, Cafeteria and Boundary Wall. It also includes purchase of 5-Students Buses and Scientific Equipment for students.
  2. The Activities of the project are in full swing and it is expected to be completed in the year 2023.


Name of Project: Expansion Program of Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
Project Cost: Rs.856.343 (FEC: Rs.100.Q961 million)
Current Status: Closing
Scope and Cost breakup of the Project:

S. No.Description Total Cost (M)
2Civil Work605.297
3Furniture / Fixture25.663
5Chemical & Glassware7.000
6Office Equipment16.300
7Networking & Communication19.970
8Supporting Staff2.322
 G.Total 856.343

Physical Progress

  1. The project is almost completed and in closing stage.
  2. Two Academic Blocks for under-graduate have been Completed and occupied.
  3. 18-Staff Residencies have been completed and occupied.
  4. Roads/Footpaths work has been completed.
  5. Student Hostel No.11 and Hostel No.12 have been completed and occupied by the students.
  6. Boundary wall of approved length has been completed.
  7. Purchase of Scientific Equipment has been completed.
  8. Two Student Buses and one Ambulance have been purchased and are in use.


Name of Project: Provision of Recreational and other Allied Facilities at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad.
Project Cost: Rs.3871.064 million.
Current Status: Submitted to Higher Education Commission.
Scope and Cost breakup of the Project:

S. No.Description Total Cost (M)
1Civil Works including external development2064.810
2Solarization of Campus631.500
3Renovation & Repair of Old Buildings605.800
4ICT & Networking479.492
5Equipment for Sports complex5.873
6Furniture / Fixtures73.589
  1. The scope of this project includes Construction of Conference Hall, Student Teacher Center, Sports Complex, Open Air Theater, Apartments and Solarization of the University campus. It also includes Rehabilitation and Renovation of existing buildings of the University.

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