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A separate office of the Students’ Financial Assistance (OSFA) is established in Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad in collaboration with HEC to provide financial help/Scholarships to the meritorious, needy and deserving students of the University and to award scholarships under various programs. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali, Manager (Financial Assistance) appointed as focal person to deals all the financial matters of the needy and deserving and meritorious students.


The Students’ Financial Aid Office is primarily responsible for providing all information, services, and assembling financial resources that are available to and/or needed by students who are attending QAU in order to obtain BS (undergraduate) M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D Degree but their Financial resources are limited. The fundamental purpose of the financial aid program is to make education possible for students who might otherwise be deprived of this higher education opportunity due to inadequate funds and /or previous limited educational opportunities.


  1. Establish essential manual and automated processes to support awarding financial Assistance in a timely manner.
  2. Award financial assistance/Scholarships to qualified students, according to institutional and Govt requirements and with a focus on individual student needs.
  3. Establish regular communication flow between the University and the students/parents.
  4. Provide individual student/parent assistance in completing necessary applications and managing personal resources as they are needed to augment financial assistance in covering educational expenses.

The OSFA is being supervised by the Registrar (Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman).

There are number of scholarships available to assist students with their educational expenses on need and merit basis. In addition to the above There are Scholarship Committees for each scholarship for the evaluation and approval of the applications submitted by the students.

One window service is also being provided to the students to avail the scholarship facilities in the Treasurer’s office.
The following Scholarships are being offered as per requirement of the donor or as permissible under the QAU Rules.

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S. No. Name of Scholarship Academic Programme How to Apply
1. QAU Financial Assistance All Departments  A needy students can apply for this on prescribed application form duly signed by the Departmental Scholarship Award Committee
2. Zainab Habibiullah Edowment Scholarship All Departments The Scholarship Office will issue a notice  and invite applications from the needy students. For detail pease visit Room No.17 Admin Block.
3. Dr. Ishaq Zahid Mathematics & Computer Sciences
4. Dr. A.Q Khan Scholarship M.Phil Physics
5. Dr. Raziuddin Siddiqui Fellowship Ph.D Physics/Mathematics
6. Mr. Aftab Manzoor Scholarship Preferably MBA/MPA or any other department. These are the Alumni of QAU and Presently on high positions in Pakistan. They are providing financial support to QAU students on request of Scholarship Aid Office.
7. Mr. Akbar Hussain Scholarship Preferably MBA/MPA or any other department.
8. Mr. Hammad Raza Shaheed Scholarship For I.R. M.Sc. Int. Relations
9. Dr. Muhammad Nazeer Chaudhri M.Phil Fellowship In Plant Taxonomy Plant Sciences  On Recommendations of the Department/Deans concerned
10. Razmi Fellowship M. Phil Physics
11. Jeri Ahmed Syed Fellowship M.Phil History (doing Course work only)
12. Begum Khurshid Raziuddin Prize Natural Sciences
13. Dr. Riaz-ud-din Fellowship M.Phil Physics
14. Riaz-ud-Din Trust Fellowship M.Phil Physics
15. Mrs. Mumtaz Riaz-ud-din Gold Medal The Best Students of Physics each year
16. Shahabuddin Memmorial Scholarship M.Sc Physics
17. Mrs. Rehmat Shahbuddin Memorial Scholarship M.Sc Mathematics
18. Miss Zohra Shahbuddin Memorial Scholarship M.Sc Computer Sciences
19. Mumtaz Memorial Scholarship M.Sc Chemistry  
20. Mumtaz Memorial Scholarship Microbiology  
21 QAU Alumni Scholarship As per choice of the alumni member. Students of QAU apply for financial support to Scholarship Office and the Office send a list of students of Alumni. The alumni approve scholarship for students.
22. USAID Funded Merit & Need Based Scholarships MBA & Social Sciences As per USAID/HEC Criteria
23. MORA Scholarship All Departments As per donor criteria
24. Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship All Departments As per donor criteria
25. Minority Scholarships All Departments As per donor criteria
26 Political Agent Scholarships All Departments As per donor criteria
27. District Zakat Committee Financial Support All Departments As per donor criteria
28. Baluchistan/FATA Scholarship All Departments As per donor criteria
29. Karwan-e-Ilm Foundation Scholarship All Departments As per donor criteria
30. Sindh Endowment Fund All Departments As per donor criteria
31. Baluchistan Endowment Fund All Departments As per donor criteria
32. Ameer Begum Trust Lahore All Departments As per donor criteria
33. M.Phil/Ph.D Fellowship All Departments Minimum requirement is 75% marks 3.5 CGPA The Scholarship Aid Office invite nominations from the Department and award fellowship on the recommendations of the Department to those who fulfills the criteria.
Note: the chance of Criteria is in process.
34. Mr. & Mrs. Ameer Ahmed Siddiqui Endowment Trust Fund, QAU Although priority will be given to MSc students of the School of Politics and International Relations (SPIR); students from Economics and Business Administration departments are also eligible to apply The Scholarship Office invite applications in start of each semester and the students (female) must have to apply accordingly.
35. Al-Mishkat Foundation Scholarship
Through Miss Shazia Ansari, President Almishkaat Islamic Institute 3-5551 Ford Road, Suite 100
Westland, Michigan USA
All Departments/Disciplines  
36. British Council Scholarship Only Girls Students of Biological Sciences doing M.Sc./M.Phil British Council invite application directly.
37. Prime Minister’s National ICT Scholarship Program 2014 Undergraduate Students of IT, Electronics & Computer Sciences  
38. Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme QAU is approved for Prime Minister’s Fee reimbursement to the approved districts available on HEC website for Ph.D students only
39. Professional Education Foundation Karachi PEF is an NGO and signed an MOU with QAU. They will provide scholarships to the students of BBA and BSCS  As per criteria of the donor
40. Punjab Education & Endowment Fund (PEEF) PEEF is a known programme of the Government of Punjab.  PEEF management know approved QAU for scholarships. Therefore, all the students belonging to Punjab and meet the criteria of PEEF (For detail plz visit PEEF website) can apply for this scholarship as per schedule to be announced by the Scholarship Aid Office in each semester.
41. Babar Bashir Nawaz Scholarship Mr. Babar Bashir is chief executive of Attock Cement Co. He is providing scholarship/financial support to the students of QAU on recommendations of the Scholarship Aid Office.
42. Balochistan Endowment (BEEF) BEEF has also starts function at Balochistan and start providing scholarships to the students of Balochistan studying at QAU on their own criteria.
43. Higher Educattion Department Endowment scholarship for students of Balochistan Higher Education Department of Balochistan (HED) is also providing financial support to the students of QAU at their own criteria.
44. KPK Chief Minister’s Endowment Scholarship KPK Government starts award of Scholarship to QAU students in BS |Information Technology.
45. District Zakat Committee’s Scholarships All District Zakat Committee have funds for scholarship. The students of QAU are also eligible for financial support from their District Zakat Committees as per their own criteria.
46. Frontier Education Foundation Frontier Education Foundation launched scholarship scheme for the poor and deserving students of Khyber-Pakhtoonkhuwa. The basic criteria for this scholarship is based on Merit-cum-Inaffordibility. The Foundation selected highly prestigious educational institutions at national level for this scholarship. Scholarships are disbursed through 41 educational institutions of high repute in the country. FEF Provides a lum sum amount in shape of scholarship to listed institutions.
The Scholarship Office of Quaid-i-Azam University will issue a circular on receipt of approved slots and directives from Frontier Education Foundation and invite applications from the students belonging to Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. The Scholarship will be awarded by the Scholarship Award Committee.

All scholarships will be awarded according to the prescribed rules of the University or as per Donor’s agreement with the University. Continuation of all scholarships is subject to the satisfactory academic performance.
Office of the Students Financial Assistance always provide necessary support to the students for getting scholarships/financial assistance from any external sources.


1. Students who got admission on self finance basis will not be entitled for any financial Support/Scholarship.
2. Those students who are eligible for fellowship will not be entitled for any other scholarship from the University or any other donor agency..
3. In case any students awarded financial assistance/need based scholarship by the University and later on he got scholarship from any outside donor agency then he/she will be entitled for QAU Financial Assistance to meet the remaining gap of Fee/Dues.