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Conference on Quantum Information’ May 20-21, 2022

On May 20-21, 2022, International Conference on Quantum Information was organized by the ‘Society for Promotion of Science’ at Quaid-i-Azam University. The chief guest Prof. Dr. Mansoor Hameed appreciated the organization of the conference and said that ‘Quantum Information Science and Technology harnesses the power of Quantum mechanics and bring a radical new era of technology.’ He said that the field of Quantum information is important for Pakistan as we have emerging areas of Quantum currency, Quantum cryptography, quantum satellites, quantum internet, quantum repeaters and quantum networks etc. leading towards most efficient and secure communication system.

The “Society for Promotion of Science” founded by Prof. Dr. Farhan Saif (SI,POP) is to motivate young researchers and students towards modern science and technology. This is a platform where senior scientists meet young researchers and students to communicate ideas and discuss latest scientific achievements. At this forum researchers also get the opportunity to collaborate with international community and enhance their professional skills.

The inaugural event of SPS was held in December, 2021 at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, where sun-gazing and photography was performed using numerous telescopes provided by Dr. Shoaib Ahmad. A one-day conference on “Fundamentals of Quantum computers” was organized in January, 2022.The conference of Quantum Information is the third conference which covers regarding Quantum information science and technology. The two-day virtual conference was joined by 150 participants from more than 25 universities and research institutes across the country. In addition there were distinguished speakers and participants from France, Germany, Turkey, Morocco and USA.

The conference provided a platform to discuss latest research avenues in quantum information and coming technological breakthrough.

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