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Enhancing Laboratory Efficiency: Biosafety, Management & Organization

The Department of Microbiology organized a one-day workshop on “Enhancing Laboratory Efficiency: Biosafety, Management & Organization” on 24th November, 2023 to train the post graduate students. Forty MPhil and PhD scholars attended from various departments of Faculty of Biological Sciences (QAU) along with students from other universities. The session was started by the opening remarks of the Prof. Dr Naeem Ali, Chairperson of Department of Microbiology, in which he highlighted the need for biosafety training, role and responsibilities of individuals in laboratory. Syeda Shazia Adeel, Principal Scientific officer (Quality Assurance Department) from the National Institute of Health, certified master trainers of Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA), certified Biological Risk Mitigation professional of World Health Organization (WHO) and International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA). The workshop comprised of two sessions, in first session she introduced and elaborated rational, importance and scope of laboratory training in the post COVID-19 era. The new risk assessment scheme for biosafety, management and efficiency in biological and clinical laboratories as per WHO Manual was introduced. Pre and post evaluation was done to assess the improvement in theoretical knowledge of the participants. Second Session comprised of hands-on training on the donning, doffing of the personal protective equipment in different containment levels was performed by the volunteers. Exercise on biohazard material spill containment within the Biological Safety Cabinet and in the Laboratory was performed by participants. The workshop was closed with a final note of thanks and appreciation by the Prof. Dr Rani Faryal (Organizer) to the Syeda Shazia Adeel for training the participants.