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Admission Notice for MPhil/MS Programme (Fall Semester-2024)

Applications from Pakistani/Foreign Nationals are invited for admission to MPhil/MS Programme of the University in the following disciplines latest by 23-08-2024:

Faculty of Biological Sciences

S.#DisciplineArea of StudyEligibility Requirement
1.BiochemistryBiochemistry, Molecular Plant Breading, Enzymology, Pharmacology, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Immunochemistry, Stem Cell Biology.MSc Biochemistry, BS/BSc Hons/ Agriculture      (4-years) or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized university, MBBS / DVM / Pharm-D and BSc (Hons) degree holder in Medical Laboratory Technology are also eligible.
2.BioinformaticsComparative Genomics, Structural Proteomics, Software Development, Functional Genomics, Molecular Modeling, QM simulation, protein-protein interaction.MSc/BS/BSc.Hons (4-years) , Molecular Biology, Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacy or any other filed in Biology, Computer Sciences from HEC recognized university.
3.BiotechnologyMedical Genetics, Plant Cell Culture, Nanobiotechnology, Human Infectious diseases, MolecularVirology, Industrial Biotechnology.MSc/ BS/BSc Hons (4 years) degree or its equivalent in any field of Biological Sciences/ Agriculture from HEC recognized University, MBBS/DVM/Pharm-D are also eligible.
4.Environmental Sciences1. Environmental Biology, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Health. 2. Environmental Microbiology/Molecular biology, Bioremediation & Biodegradation. 3. Hydro-geochemistry, Hydrology. Water management, water resources and climate change 4. Phytoremediation, Environmental Biotechnology, Molecular Biology 5. Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Risk Analysis of Chemicals, Fate & Effects of Pesticides in Environment, Chemical Stress Ecology, Chemical Toxicology of Fishes.  6. Clean Energy and Environmental Photocatalysis.  7. Environmental Waste Management, Remediation and Revitalization of abandoned soils. 8. GIS and Remote Sensing, Climate change.MSc/BS/BSc.Hons (4-years) or its equivalent in any field of Biological Sciences/Agriculture/Chemical/ Environmental Sciences from HEC recognized university.
5.MicrobiologyApplied & Industrial (Food, Microbial Metabolites), Environmental (Biotreatments, Biofuel/Bioenergy), Medical, Microbiology, Immunology and Veterinary Microbiology.MSc Microbiology, BS/BSc Hons. (4 years)             in relevant field/Agriculture or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized university, MBBS/ DVM/Pharm-D are also eligible.
6.Plant SciencesPlant Systematics and Biodiversity, Plant Physiology, Plant & Algal Genetics, Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Environmental & Microbial Botany, Molecular Plant Pathology, Plant Ecology & Conservation, Plant Nano Proteomics, Molecular Plant Breeding, Fungal Biology & Systematic, Palynology.MSc Botany, MSc Biology, MSc Biochemistry, BS/BSc Hons (4 years) Agriculture or its equivalent degree, Pharm-D from HEC recognized university.
7.PharmacyPharmaceutics, Pharmacology, PharmacognosyPharm-D/B-Pharm (4 years).
8.ZoologyPhysiology, Parasitology, Fisheries and Aqua Culture, Human Genetics, Animal Microbiology, Molecular BiologyMSc/BS/BSc.Hons (4-years) in Zoology/ Animal Biochemistry/ Animal Biotechnology/ Environmental Sciences with Zoology or its equivalent degree from HEC recognized university.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

S.#DisciplineArea of StudyEligibility Requirement
1.Computer Science MS Information Sciences Technology (Self-Support Programme)MSc (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology) or 4 years BS (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology) with experience in digital information management. Sample test is available at
2.Computer ScienceMS Data Science (Self-Support Porgramme)

Students must have completed 16 years of education, either BS (4 years) or MSc:

  • In Computing related disciplines (CS, IT,SE),


  • In other disciplines (Mathematics and Statistics), Such students must take additional non-credit courses including Problem solving and Programming, data Structures, and Databased

Sample test is available at

3.Computer Science Computer SciencesMSc/BS (4 years) in CS/IT from the HEC recognized university.
Sample test is available at
4.ChemistryInorganic/Analytical Chemistry: Organometallic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Polymers and Polymer Composites, Atmospheric Chemistry,  Environmental Chemistry.
Organic Chemistry: Organic Synthesis, Natural Products, , Heterocyclic Compounds,  Organic Polymers, Catalysis,  Biomedicinal Chemistry, , Supramolecular Chemistry.
Physical Chemistry: Material, Surface and Solid State Chemistry,  Electrochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Colloids and Surfactants, Photochemistry, Fuel Cell Chemistry, Time Resolved Spectroscopy, Computational Chemistry, Photonics, Sensors Coatings, non-liner optics
MSc/BS (4-years) degree in Chemistry or its equivalent with specialization in Inorganic/Analytical or Organic or Physical Chemistry from HEC recognized university.
4.Earth SciencesGeophysics, Geology and Hydrogeology.MSc/BS (4 years) degree or its equivalent in Geophysics/ Hydrogeology / Geology/Seismology from HEC recognized university.
5.ElectronicsWave Propagation, Microwave Engineering, Scattering, Complex Media, High Frequency Electromagnetics, Antenna Theory Metamaterials, Information Theory, Communications and Signal Processing, Coding Theory, Image Processing, Embedded System, Microelectronics, Quantum Electronics, Advance Computer System, Computational Methods, Networking, Remote Sensing, Parallel computing, Machine learning, Opto- Electronics, Quantum Information, Atom Optics, Quantum Chaos.MSc/BS (4-years) degree in Electronics/ Physics/ Computer Science/ Mathematics/ Information Technology or BE Electronic/ Electrical/ Computer Engineering/ Telecommunications from HEC recognized university.
6.MathematicsApplied and Pure Mathematics.MSc/ BS (4 years) in Mathematics/Physics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
7.Physics   Atomic and Molecular Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Plasma Physics, Magnetism and Nanomaterials, High-Tc Super Conductivity, Laser Physics, High Energy Physics and Cosmology, Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Optics/Quantum Information Theory, Computational Physics.MSc/BS (4 years) in Physics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
8.StatisticsApplied/Mathematical Statistics.MSc/BS (4 years) in Statistics or its equivalent degree from the HEC recognized university.
9Information TechnologyInformation TechnologyMSc/BS (4 years) in CS/IT from HEC recognized university.

Faculty of Social Sciences

S.#DisciplineArea of StudyEligibility Requirement
1.Anthropology Cultural Change and Development, Ethnographic Studies, Cultural Diversity and Integration.MA/MSc/BS (4-years) degree or its equivalent in Anthropology/Gender Studies/Behavioral Sciences/ Social Sciences from HEC recognized university.
2.American StudiesAmerican History, American Politics and Government, US Foreign Policy, US Literature, Latin American Politics.MA/MSc/BS (4-years) degree or its equivalent in American Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Defence & Strategic Studies, History, Pakistan Studies, Mass Communication, English Literature, Anthropology, Sociology, Peace & Conflict Studies & Economics from HEC recognized university.
3.Asian StudiesArchaeology, Comparative Civilizations, Comparative Religions, Languages and Linguistics (Ancient).MA/MSc degree or its equivalent in Archaeology, Anthropology, History, Comparative Civilizations (Ancient) Comparative Religions, Languages and Linguistics (Ancient), Fine Arts from HEC recognized university.
4.CriminologyMS-Criminology (Self-Support Programme)16 years of education (BS/MSc in Social Sciences from HEC recognized University or 16 years of education (BS-4 years / MSc / MA in any discipline from HEC recognized university with a minimum 2 years of relevant experience in any law enforcement agency / relevant research an detaching experience in national and international organization.
5.Defence& Strategic StudiesInternational Security, South Asia, Global Political Economy, Arms Control and Proliferation Issues.MA/MSc /BS (4-years) degree or its equivalent in Defence& Strategic Studies, Security/ War Studies, Political Science, International Relations, Defence& Diplomatic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Mass Communication and Journalism from HEC recognized university.
6.EconomicsMicro/Macroeconomics, Econometrics, International/ Public/ Monetary/ Labour/ Development Economics.MA/MSc/ BS (4-years) degree in Economics or its equivalent from HEC recognized university. (MA/MSc/BS in Agriculture Economics/ Business Economics & Home Economics are not eligible).
7.Gender StudiesGender StudiesMA/MSc/BS (4-years/16-Years Education) in Social Science and Humanities subjects from HEC recognized university.
8.History All fields of HistoryMA/MSc/BS (4-years) in History/Political Science/ International Relations/ Sociology/ Anthropology and Pakistan Studies or its equivalent and other relevant subjects of Social Sciences from HEC recognized university.
9.Management SciencesManagement Sciences16-years of relevant business education such as BBA (4-years), BBS (2-years), MBA (16-years), MPA (16-years) and other relevant or equivalent qualification/degree from HEC recognized university.
10.Pakistan Studies / Pakistan Studies (Self-Support)All fields of Social Sciences relating to Pakistan.MA/MSc/BS (4-years) degree or its equivalent in Pakistan Studies or any Social Science subject from HEC recognized university.
11.PsychologyEducational/School Psychology, Industrial/ Organizational Psychology, Developmental/Clinical/ Psychopathology/Mental Health,Psychology of Gender.MA/MSc/BS (4-years) degree or its equivalent in Psychology/Applied Psychology/Behavioral Sciences from HEC recognized university.
12.SociologySociologyMSc/BS (4-years) in Sociology from HEC recognized university.
13.EnglishEnglish Literature, English LinguisticsM.A/MSc/BS (04 years) in English /Linguistics/Applied Linguistics/ELT. At least 60% marks in MA/MSc/BS or BA/BSc and no third division in FA/FSc or BA/BSc or MA/MSc
14.MBA / MBA (Self-Support)Business Administrations16 years of Education BS/BBA (4 years)/LBBA (2 years), BBS (2years), B.Com (4years), MBA (16 years), M.Com, ACMA, ACA/MA/MSC or its equivalent Degree in any Discipline from HEC recognized University
15International Relations (Self-Support)Theories of International Relations/International law/ comparative Politics/global Economy.MA/MSc Degree of its equivalent in International Relations, Political Science, Mass Communication, Defence and Strategic Studies from HEC Recognized University. Those Engaged in teaching or research in the above disciplines may also apply.

Admission Requirements

  1. To be eligible for admission to MPhil, a candidate:
    1. Shall possess an MA/Msc degree or its equivalents in the relevant discipline.
    2. Shall have obtained first division in MA/Msc or BA/BSc or at least 60% marks in BS and all other 4-5 years degrees.
    3. shall not have obtained third division in BA/BSc or MA or MSc.
    4. In case of a third division in FA/FSc, the candidate should have obtained first division in both BA/BSc and MA/MSc; or at least 60% marks in BS and all other 4-5 years degrees. Provided that any of the conditions (ii) _ (iv) above may be relaxed by the Vice-Chancellor in case of a teacher of a university/collage and an employee of a research organization.
  2. Each candidate shall make an application for admission in response to an advertisement by the university on a prescribed form along with documents specified in the form.
    1. Basic Academic Qualification: Sixteen years of schooling or 4year education required for admission in the M.Phil/MS/Equivalent program.
    2. Admission Test: The applicants seeking admission in MPhil/MS programmes are required to pass university written subject test and interview with minimum of 50% score.
    3. The graduate admission may only be allowed, if:
      1. The university/HEI graduate policy allows, and
      2. The applicant has strong interest in perusing an MS/MPhil/equivalent degree in different discipline.
      3. The admission committee is satisfied that the applicant’s knowledge of primary area (level 6) has sufficiently prepared him or her to undertake the course of studies of the M.Phil/MS/Equivalent program (or, in opinion of the admission committee, the preparation can be deemed satisfactory by taking a few additional courses after starting the program.

How To Apply

  1. The applicants can apply through Online Application System from the QAU website. The candidates will print the application processing fee invoice/challan of the Habib Bank Ltd. @ Rs.2215/-  OR Askari Bank Ltd. Rs.2200/- respectively and deposit in any branch of Habib Bank Ltd. OR Askari Bank Ltd. In favour of the Treasurer, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
  2. The Bank Challan/Invoice must be uploaded with the Online Application along with other scanned requisite documents, otherwise the application will not be entertained.
  3. The applicants are required to scan & attached the requisite/required documents with Online Application for verification of data and determination of merit.

Subject Test/Interview

  1. The admission to MPhil program shall be made on the basis of cumulative merit to be determined from previous academic record, written subject test and interview taken by the respective department, the passing marks for subject test and interview would be at-least 50%
  2. No separate call letters for test/interview will be issued.
  3. The tentative lists of the pass applicants must be displayed on the notice boards and at QAU website of the relevant Department/ Institute/ School/ Centre (DISC).
  4. Test sample papers are available on the QAU website.
  5. Applicants appearing in the Entry Test must bring original CNIC for identification.
  6. If a test date is declared as holiday or for any reason, the test will be conducted on the next working day.
1.Pharmacy28-08-2024Wednesday09:30AMDepartment of Pharmacy
2.Physics28-08-2024Wednesday09:30AMDepartment of Physics
3.Anthropology28-08-2024Wednesday10:00 AMDepartment of Anthropology
4.Psychology28-08-2024Wednesday10:00AMNational Institute of Psychology(NIP)
5.Mathematics28-08-2024Wednesday10:00AMDepartment of Mathematics
6.Biochemistry28-08-2024Wednesday10:00AMDepartment of Biochemistry
7.Environmental Sciences28-08-2024Wednesday10:00AMDepartment of EnvironmentalSciences
8.Management Sciences28-08-2024Wednesday10:00AMQuaid-i-Azam School of ManagementSciences
9.Asian Studies28-08-2024Wednesday10:00 AMTaxila Institute of AsianCivilization (TIAC)
10.Earth Sciences28-08-2024Wednesday10:00 AMDepartment of Earth Sciences
11.Pakistan Studies28-08-2024Wednesday10:00AMNational Institute of PakistanStudies (NIPS)
12.Computer Science28-08-2024Wednesday10:00 AMDepartment of Computer Science
13.Pakistan Studies (Self-Support)28-08-2024Wednesday10:00AMNational Institute of PakistanStudies (NIPS)
14.Gender Studies28-08-2024Wednesday11:30 AMCenter of Excellence in GenderStudies
15.American Studies28-08-2024Wednesday12:00(Noon)Area Study Centre (ASC)
16.Plant Sciences29-08-2024Thursday09:30AMDepartment of Plant Sciences
17.Chemistry29-08-2024Thursday09:30AMDepartment of Chemistry
18.Biotechnology29-08-2024Thursday09:30AMDepartment of Biotechnology
19.Sociology29-08-2024Thursday10:00AMDepartment of Sociology
20.English linguistics/literature29-08-2024Thursday10:00AMDepartment of English
21.History29-08-2024Thursday10:00AMDepartment of  History
22.Zoology29-08-2024Thursday10:00AMDepartment of Zoology
23.Statistics29-08-2024Thursday10:00AMDepartment of Statistics
24.Electronics29-08-2024Thursday12:00(Noon)Department of Electronics
25.Economics29-08-2024Thursday10:00AMSchool of Economics
26.MS IST & MS DS (Comp.Sc)29-08-2024Thursday10:00 AMDepartment of Computer Science
27.Bioinformatics30-08-2024Friday09:30AMNational Centre forBioinformatics (NCB)
28.Microbiology30-08-2024Friday10:00AMDepartment of Microbiology
29.D.S.S.30-08-2024Friday10:00AMDepartment of D.S.S.
30.Criminology30-08-2024Friday10:00AMDepartment of Sociology
31.MBA30-08-2024Friday10:00AMQuaid-i-Azam School of ManagementSciences
32.MBA (Self Support)30-08-2024Friday10:00AMQuaid-i-Azam School of ManagementSciences
33.InternationalRelation (Self-Support)30-08-2024Friday10:00AMQuaid-i-AzamSchool of Politics & IR
34.Information Technology30-08-2024Friday10:00AMDepartment of InformationTechnology

Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman

MPhil/MS Programme

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