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Workshop on Optics and Photonics Organized by Department of Physics

The Department of Physics Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, organized a workshop on “Optics and Photonics” in collaboration with ICTP, in connection with “International Year of Light” declared by UNESCO. The objective of the workshop was to provide platform for active participation of women in sciences.

In this regard female students of Islamabad Model Colleges affiliated with QAU and undergraduate students of the Department of Physics QAU participated in the workshop. While the topics including Conventional Light sources and Lasers, Color mixing, Secret of Rainbow colors, Basic Geometrical optics: Refraction, Polarization of Light, Diffraction and Interference of Light waves were discussed and covered. Prof. Joseph Nomiela, Director of Optics activities at ICTP, Dr. Javed Ashraf, Vice Chancellor QAU, faculty members and students attended the inaugural session of the Workshop.