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The School of Politics and International Relations at Quaid-i-Azam University hosted a seminar on Pakistani-Malaysian relations, with His Excellency Ambassador Dato’ Mohammad Azhar Mazlan as the keynote speaker.

The event commenced with introductory remarks from the Dean of Social Sciences, Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, who highlighted the longstanding and multifaceted relations between Pakistan and Malaysia. He emphasized the importance of such seminars in encouraging mutual understanding and cooperation between the two nations.
Ambassador Mazlan focused on various aspects of the bilateral relationship, including economic and trade relations, Malaysia’s governance and development policies, and educational opportunities in Malaysia. He detailed the historical ties and the collaborative efforts in areas like trade, investment, education, culture, and technical assistance. The Ambassador highlighted the potential for further strengthening these ties through shared regional and international platforms such as OIC and ASEAN. His presentation highlighted the significance of ASEAN in Malaysia’s foreign policy and the immense economic potential of both regions.
The seminar was wad concluded by Dr Muhammad Nadeem Mirza, Director of the School of Politics and International Relations, who reiterated the importance of academic engagements in enhancing diplomatic ties and encouraged students to explore further studies and research opportunities in Malaysia.

The students of the Department were served  a delightful Malaysian cuisine, adding a cultural touch to the seminar and providing a taste of Malaysia’s rich culinary heritage.