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Seminar on “Taxpayer Rights and Privileges”

The School of Law at Quaid-i-Azam University, in partnership with the Office of the Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO), hosted a seminar focusing on taxpayer rights and privileges. The event aimed to shed light on the crucial aspects of taxation in Pakistan and the role of the FTO in ensuring a conducive environment for taxpayers.

The seminar featured Mr. Nazim Saleem, Advisor Sales Tax at FTO, as the keynote speaker. Mr. Saleem provided valuable insights into the workings of the FTO and its efforts to safeguard taxpayer rights. He elaborated on the functioning of the tax system in Pakistan and the pivotal role played by the FTO in this regard.

Dr. Aziz ur Rehman, Director of the School of Law, expressed gratitude to Mr. Saleem for his informative session and extended appreciation to all participants for their active engagement. Dr. Rehman also announced the commencement of a guest lecture series on regulatory laws in Pakistan, designed to equip students with up-to-date knowledge of emerging areas in regulatory legislation.

The seminar served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and knowledge exchange, fostering a deeper understanding of taxpayer rights and responsibilities among participants.