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Seeing Things as They Are: Techniques and Methods of Research.

The Department of Anthropology, in collaboration with the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), hosted an interactive session on the 16th of October entitled “Seeing Things as They Are: Techniques and Methods of Research.”. The interactive session was moderated by Dr. Noman Baig, a distinguished anthropologist and the incumbent director of AIPS, who drew from his extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Karachi’s bazaars.   During the session, Dr. Baig emphasized that the aspiration to see things as they truly are, requires a suspension of judgment, as even a momentary pause in judgment can lead to profound insights and wonders. He expounded on how refined research methodologies equip scholars with the tools to deeply comprehend their research subjects. The ensuing interactive session between Dr. Baig with PhD, M.Phil, and BS students illuminated nuanced perspectives on non-Eurocentric epistemologies. Concluding the event, Dr. Inam Ullah Leghari, the chair of the department, expressed gratitude to the attendees and voiced optimism and his aspiration for similar academically enriching engagements in forthcoming departmental endeavors.