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Rumi Forum activities and Gulen Movement in Turkey

History Department of Quaid-i-Azam Universituy (QAU) with the collaboration of Rumi Forum organized on Tuesday a seminar on “Rumi Forum activities and Gulen Movement in Turkey” with an aim to promote intercultural dialogue as well as to provide a platform for education and information exchange.

Rumi Forum takes its name from the 13th century Muslim Scholar-luminary- sufi poet “Maulana Jalaludin Rumi, whose reach embraced all humanity as personified by his message drawn from the very essence of Islam and being an exemplary Muslim.

Harun Koken, Chairman Rumi Forum, Islamabad briefed the students about Rumi Forum and its activities including exhibitions, seminars, conferences, round table discussions with intellectuals, academia and students.

He said Jaluuddin Rumi’s universal message serves as the origin of Rumi Forum’s mission, which is to facilitate national and international dialogue by promoting love to transform hate, understanding to prevent misinterpretation, flexibility against rigidity, and above all, tolerance to overcome bigotry.

Suat Erguvan, an academician, from Turkey in his presentation briefed the audience about Fethullah Gulen and contemporary Civic Movement Originating from Turkey.

Muhammad Fethullah Gulen (1938) is an authoritative mainstream Turkish Muslim scholar, thinker, author, poet, opinion leader and educational activist who advocated intercultural dialogue, science, democracy and spirituality.

He said a pioneer of positive action that contributes to social welfare and peace in Turkey and worldwide through education has been put into an amalgamating, constructive use for mankind.

Suat said Gulen had great influence on young people with his modern approach and global activities in promoting education as an instrument of intercultural and inter-religious interaction with a vision for the future that is an inspirational hope, where peace and justice are maintained in the world.

He said civil society movement inspired by Gulen in Turkey that since the late 1960s has evolved and grown to encompass many facets of social life. This movement of voluntary people, who have put forth their combined efforts to promote civilized and universal values at home and worldwide, is trying to act as a bridge in realizing unity in diversity, synergy, social innovation, interaction and dialogue between the members of different cultures and civilizations.

Vice Chancellor, Quaid-i-Azam University Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai while addressing the seminar said there is a need to find ways and means to promote philosophy and message of Muslim scholars and intellectuals among masses.

Dr. Naveed-i-Rahat, dean social sciences, Dr. Razia Sultana, chairperson of History Department, Dr. Lubna Abid, chairperson of Department of International Relations and other senior faculty members were also present on the occasion.