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QASMS kicks off anti-drugs campaign at QAU with help of ANF

Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences (QASMS) has taken the initiative and started an awareness raising campaign to help rid the campus of drugs and substance abuse. recently , a team from the Anti Narcotics Force visited QASMS for interaction with students. Their briefing/seminar included the following:

1. Introduction to the ANF
2. ANF strategy regarding Narcotics
3. Drugs Reduction Techniques
4. Rehabilitation Facilities
5. ANF UAN Number for reporting purposes
6. Youth Awareness and Involvement Programs
7. Internship Facilities for Students at ANF

Humera Siddiqui, Lecturer at QASMS, took the initiative of organizing the seminar in view of ANF willingness to visit QAU and start an awareness raising campaign. If other departments are interested then kindly drop me a private email and the necessary coordination will be facilitated. Our best weapon against drugs and substance abuse is awareness and the Anti-Narcotics Force is ready to help in any way it can.