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Lecture on Food Infection, Intoxication and Toxicoinfection

Quaidian Association of Microbiology (QAM) has organized a scientific lecture on “Food infection, Intoxication and Toxicoinfection” recently, at Department of Microbiology by Professor Dr. Salvatore Massa, Former Full Professor of Microbiology, Department of Agriculture, food and Environment Sciences, Foggia University Via Napoli, Italy.

Professor S. Massa narrated that in world, millions of deaths have been reported due to foodborne illness per annum. Unhygienic and improper handling of food during production, processing at retail and at household is the main cause of foodborne infections, intoxications and toxicoinfections. The definition of foodborne poisoning (FBP) is not straightforward, for some scientists, the general definition of foodborne poisoning is an acute gastroenteritis (GE) caused by consumption of food contaminated with pathogenic organisms or their toxins. Consumption of certain pathogenic bacterial present in food, even in a small quantity, can cause food infections and intoxication, like Salmonella enterica and Clostridium spp. He concluded his lecture on the massage that food safety can be insured through proper handling (personal must not be carrier of foodborne pathogen), cooking and preservation.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahab, Dean Faculty of Biological Sciences appreciated the organizer to arrange the event and stressed the need of such knowledge full lectures on regular basis at the Faculty and University level. Dr. Rani Faryal Chairperson Department of Microbiology was obliged to speaker and appreciated Professor S. Massa for visiting the Department and sparing his time to deliver lecture that give awareness to the students regarding the recent trends about food safety issues especially undeveloped countries threatening the human life. Earlier, Dr. Muhammad Imran (student advisor) gave the brief about scientific contributions of the Professor Massa.