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Fisheries Day Observed by the Department of Animal Sciences

The Department of Animal Sciences, QAU in collaboration with National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) organized a walk on campus to mark the world Fisheries Day. The event was organized to draw attention towards issues related to conservation of aquatic resources and sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture sector in Pakistan. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor, Quaid-i-Azam University led the walk.

A large number of people from academia, research institutions, government departments, society organizations, private companies and industry associations related to Pakistan fisheries sectors participated in the walk and visited the Fisheries and aquaculture research station at QAU and observed the Fish rearing and harvesting activities.

Dr. Amina Zuberi, incharge of the program, briefed the participants about the current status and challenges of fisheries and aquaculture sector in Pakistan and discussed how fish production can be improved by selection one strain, or a mix of the best strains, and/or cross-breed that can show best performance in the Pakistani culture system as well as by formulation and preparation of low cost functional feed according to life stages of fish species. Furthermore, she also shared information, how better understanding of natural behaviour and learning capacity of fish is essential for improving the results of restocking and fish conservation programs. In the end she urged for the initiation of fish genetic enhancement program, strengthening of fish feed industry and development of strategies for combating the challenges of aquatic pollution and global warming.