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BAQI Stay Trip to Kaghan Naran 2011

Biochemists Association QAU, Islamabad (BAQI) arranged a study and recreational, 7 day stay trip to Kaghan-Naran in July 2011. Accompanying teacher was Dr. Muhammad Ansar, Associate Professor Department of Biochemistry QAU, who managed the requirements for stay very efficiently. Before departure, the geography, weather conditions, road maps, security measures and stay facilities were taken into account and were reported to chairman of Biochemistry Professor Dr. Salman Akbar Malik. Organizers and coordinators were deep incontact with accompanying teacher, chairman and all students. The visited areas include Balakot, National Lake “Saiful Malook”, Jal-Khad, Lolo Sar Lake, Naran city and its surroundings. Other visited areas include, Shogran, Kaghan and its surroundings, Siri, Pai, tracks to Madonna Meadows and beautiful adventurous sights on the ways of travelling.

We had a great time and truly enjoyed all we did. We drove from faculty of biological sciences and began trip with a wonderful morning. Students were very enthusiastic, carrying tape recorders, light food stuffs and other essentials. This was a stunning drive and truly a great way to begin stay trip experience. Students really loved long travel and stay experiences. Students played different games and different recreational activities and bonfire was also arranged to make the event more enjoyable. In short it was opportunity to learn how to move as a group, how to face difficulties; adopt new environment and how to adjust with people of different habits. Students collected different samples for lab research and learnt about the nature, culture, weather, geography and way of living.

University provided the grant of Rs. 45,000/- although less than required expenditures but still accompanying teacher, organizers and students managed this amount by adding contributions, that was utilized for 7 days expenditures including travelling, mess, stay and other miscellaneous expenditures. On the return from trip the report of expenditures was submitted to audit section with details.