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Training workshop: Biostatistics and Genetic Epidemiology

Department of Animal Sciences has organized a 10 days intensive training workshop for research students of MPhil/PhD from August 02—11, 2010. It was originally a refresher course in “Biostatistics and Genetic Epidemiology” in which 34 students got practical training. The workshop was based on back-to-back sessions with theoretical presentations, practical demonstrations and hands-on-practice of computer based exercises. Essential concepts of exploratory data analysis, data structure and display, confirmatory data analysis, study design, genetic data structure and analysis, population genetics and genetic epidemiology, were thoroughly covered. In addition, the students were able to learn and experience >10 important softwares and applications for data summarization, analysis, interpretation and graphics, related to the themes encapsulated in the Workshop.

On the concluding ceremony on August 11, 2010, Dr. M Shahab, Department of Animal Sciences, thanked all the resource persons, namely, Drs. Zahid Asghar, Khalid Abbas, Sajid Malik, and Amina Zuberi, for sparing time for this workshop. The Chief Guest, Prof. Dr. Mir Ajab, Dean Faculty of Biological Sciences distributed the awards among the participants. He appreciated the course organizers, Drs. Sajid Malik and M Shahab for arranging this activity.