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Seminar on “Turkmenistan’s Policy of Permanent Neutrality”

Turkmenistan’s policy of Permanent Neutrality has significantly enhanced focus on economic development as it has enabled it to enter into strategic partnerships with its South Asian neighbors, said Mr. Sapar Berdiniyazov, Ambassador-at-Large of Turkmenistan.

He was speaking at the International Seminar on “Turkmenistan’s Policy of Permanent Neutrality” organized by the National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research celebrating the successful completion of twenty years of the Turkmenistan’s Policy of Permanent Neutrality. The event was attended b a large number of diplomats, academia, researchers and students at Earth Sciences Auditorium of the Quaid-i-Azam University.

Mr. Berdiniyazov said Pakistan and Turkmenistan share bonds of a common religion and history and Turkmenistan considers Pakistan an important regional player due to its strategic location and energy resources.

“It was March 15, 1995 when the former President of Turkmenistan announced the policy of “Permanent Neutrality” which has been strictly observed and adopted by all the successive governments of Turkmenistan has proved with its actions and participation in the affairs of the international community that its policy of Permanent Neutrality aims to ensure peace, progress and prosperity in the region and in the world”, Mr. Berdiniyazov said.