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Seminar on “Pakistan Ukraine Relations”

Ambassador of Ukraine to the Pakistan, Mr. Volodymyr Lakomov said that his country is willing to play an effective role in the developmental progress of Pakistan and would welcome any efforts to search new approaches for cooperation and expending ties with Pakistan in various sectors. The Department of History, Quaid-i-Azam University & Diplomatic Insight jointly organized a Seminar on “Ukrainian Pakistani Relations”.

In his extremely informative and captivating speech on “Ukrainian Pakistani Relations” Mr. Volodymyr Lakomov emphasized that a number of Ukrainian companies are very interested in building power plants, pipelines, bridges and railways in Pakistan. Hence, bilateral relations in different areas including effective people-to-people contacts can strengthen the two nations.

He further stated that in order to achieve our goal both countries should “consider that dynamics of political contacts between our two countries must be more active. Direct contacts will help us to know about the current state of our cooperation as well as to find new opportunities for further development of bilateral relations.”

Both countries wish to expand and deepen mutually beneficial relations perspective, therefore based on the existing positive experience of bilateral cooperation in civilian spheres, there is a need for strengthening of political dialogue, boosting legal framework, creating auspicious conditions for functioning of business organizations at the markets of both countries and others. In Mr. Volodymyr Lakomov’s opinion the people of Pakistan and Ukraine are close to each other psychologically and termed this as “the main reason that our bilateral relations are based on the traditionally high level of understanding in political, military, trade, economic areas, and effective cooperation within international organizations.”

Ambassador enlightened his audience that many Pakistani businessmen are earning money providing one of the best rice or mango in the World to Ukrainian market. While different medical and technical universities of Ukraine demonstrate growing interest of young people from Pakistan. Similarly, At the present there are a number of trade and economic cooperation agreements between Pakistan and Ukraine. Ukrainian Ambassador highlighted the importance of exchanging the information relating to the development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes between the two countries.

In Ukraine, about 20,000 deposits of 200 different kinds of minerals have been discovered. Ukraine produces about 20 billion m3 of the natural gas per year, and has about 1 trillion m3 of discovered natural gas reserves. Ukraine is the fifth biggest market of the IT outsources services, which is growing at a fastest pace. The market volume had exceeded 1 billion USD in 2011. Also, Ukraine has an advanced aerospace technology and even a number of universities from other countries are benefiting from their aerospace industry undertaking joint research initiatives.

H.E Volodymyr Lakomov, Ambassador of Ukraine to Pakistan was the Chief Guest of this occasion, while Prof. Dr. Eatzaz Ahmad, Dean Social Sciences, Dr. Razia Sultana, Chairperson Department of History, faculty members, diplomats besides students were also in the attendance.