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Quaid-i-Azam University had the pleasure of welcoming an esteemed panel from DevSinc, the fastest growing software development and consulting company in Pakistan, committed to shaping the future of Pakistan’s IT industry.

The panel from DevSinc, which included CEO and Founder Usman Asif, Regional Director North Junaid Rehmat, and Lead Strategist Maria Sadaf, participated in an insightful discussion with the faculty of the Department of Computer Science. Usman Asif articulated his vision of driving change in Pakistan’s economy through the IT industry. A significant part of the discussion centered on bridging the gap between academia and industry and how both can mutually benefit from each others experience and expertise. It was agreed to arrange bootcamps on latest technologies in partnership with DevSinc. DevSinc also emphasized on its training programs designed for non-technical individuals, highlighting their commitment to comprehensive computing skills development for everyone.

After the faculty session, the panel interacted with students on topics such as entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and the insights for building startups. The interactive Q&A session offered students invaluable insights into navigating the dynamic computing industry landscape and embarking on entrepreneurial ventures.

In conclusion, it was an inspiring session that underscored DevSinc’s commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and driving positive change in Pakistan’s IT ecosystem. We eagerly anticipate further collaboration and empowerment initiatives with DevSinc!