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Purchase & Store Section

The Purchase & Store Section is a responsible office. This Office is facilitating to all The QAU Departments / Institutes regarding all kind of purchase even which are being processed under HEC Projects also:-

  1. The PSO Section is strictly observing the purchasing policies which will result in economical procurement for the University under open, fair, and competitive method of procurement.
  2. All kind of purchases are made with regulation standard as per specification provided by the end user.
  3. Issuing purchase order to vendors pertaining to cheap / lowest price, quality, timely delivery and shipping instructions.
  4. Implementing all matters requiring disposition of, and adjustments on, rejected materials.
  5. The operation of Stockroom/Central Receiving, and Inventory Control
  6. Administration of the Procurement conducting the Physical Verification of the Stores regularly.
  7. Processing the bill invoices deposited by the vendors for payments.
  8. Responsible for pre-auditing and external audit supporting documents.
  9. Keeping records of all Procurements as per PPRA’s instructions.
  10. PSS also dealing additionally with project cases.
  11. Dealing with all imports cases i.e. from getting proforma invoce upto satisfactory receiving of the consignments and adjustment of the payments.
  12. Conducting the Auction of the Junk items of whole QAU departments / schools & Sections.
  13. The imprest amount of PSO Office is very meager as per to meet official urgent needs / requirements it is requested that this amount would be 1.00 lac.
  14. PSS is also facing acute shortage of budgeted staff and dealing/ conducting the meeting of the following committees:-
    1. Tender Opening Committee
    2. Purchase Committee
    3. Physical Verification Committee
    4. Technical Committee
    5. Auction Committee
    6. External Audit
  15. At present AR (Admin) is officiating / acting the duties of PSO this section request to post permanent PSO, please.
  16. The PSS office also facilitating all offices of Admin Block regarding their urgent Official items without delay even in compress and the staff personally take interest on things.

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