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Presentation on Web Browser “NotJustBrowsing®” by Abdul Karim, Assistant Prof. IIT, QAU

A presentation to discuss prominent features and commercial potential of web browser NotJustBrowsing® was held at Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU). NotJustBrowsing® is a creative web browser by Mr. Abdul Karim, Assistant Professor of Institute of Information Technology (IIT) QAU.

While briefing about the details of his project to the Vice Chancellor, Deans and Heads of the Departments, Mr. Abdul Karim said that it is a project of high commercial potential and could be a leader in web browsing concepts due to some of its useful features like filtration of unreliable content. He said that NotJustBrowsing is a web browsing software just like other web browsers e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Google’s Chrome but poles apart in how it transform user’s browsing experience. He said that further development of NotJustBrowsing® and related technologies and its commercialization is expected to follow soon.

What is special in using NotJustBrowsing?

The amount of information that a user can browse through in minimum of time and the amount of links to world wide web documents that can be stored and managed are distinguished features of this innovatively designed browser.

Linear Browsing:

A unique way to browse, pioneered in NotJustBrowsing. All browsing windows appear in one line, making it easy to look at hundreds of web pages in one scroll through. Linear browsing technique for desktop environments became industry standard.


Pioneered a unique way to manage bookmarks (collection of links). This unique way of storing bookmarks transform browsing process in to a meaningful activity of immense educational value. This particular way of bookmarking enables filtration of contents available on world wide web platform, not available in any other way yet.