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Pakistan-Japan Relations: A Historical Perspective, Current Dynamics, and Future Outlook

In a lecture titled “Pakistan-Japan Relations: A Historical Perspective, Current Dynamics, and Future Outlook,” Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad, former Ambassador of Pakistan to Japan and Executive Member of PJCA, delivered enlightening perspectives. The event, a collaborative effort, was jointly hosted by the Pakistan Japan Cultural Association, Pakistan Japan Intellect Forum, and the School of Politics & International Relations (SPIR) at Quaid-i-Azam University.

During the event, Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, Director of SPIR, underscored the collaborative activities of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and the School of Politics and International Relations in establishing a virtual platform for meaningful dialogues.

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad shed light on Pakistan’s trade partnership and relationship with Japan since its inception. He emphasized Pakistan’s pivotal role in reconciling Japan with the international community in the 1950s. The formal diplomatic relations between the two countries commenced on April 28, 1952. Mr. Imtiaz highlighted the abundant labor and human resource potential that Pakistan offers to Japan’s market. He also commended Japan for its aid and assistance following the earthquakes in Pakistan in 2005 and 2010, reciprocated by Pakistan’s support during Japan’s own earthquake and tsunami in 2010.

Furthermore, he spotlighted the collaborations between both nations in security, culture, and Japanese investments in Pakistan, particularly in the realm of business forums. These bilateral relations, he emphasized, are firmly grounded in mutual support and cooperation. Concluding the event, Mr. Mitushiro Wadaa, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, expressed the mutual potential and willingness of both countries to collaborate in the industrial and technological sectors.