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National Talent Pool (NTP) announces Rs. 20 million for QAU

Mr. Fayyaz Ahmad Ranjha, Director General of National Talent Pool (NTP), has announced an allocation of Rs. 20 million for Quaid-i-Azam University. He was briefing the QAU faculty about the objective and functions of the program.

Mr. Fayyaz Ahmad elucidated his audience about the Government of Pakistan commitment in recognizing the role of high level professionals in national development and pursuing a policy to encourage their contribution in various fields of national development. In his address, Director General requested the QAU administration to identify the deficient areas where highly qualified professionals are required to utilize their expertise in their specialized fields.

National Talent Pool is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan with a mandate to identify key professionals’ occupations according to scarcity and relative importance for national development. The NTP was established in the Ministry of Education and Trainings to compile basic personal data and details regarding professional attainments and work experience of talented personnel. NTP is also responsible for the establishment of an interactive web based data bank of highly qualified Pakistani professionals based abroad as well as in Pakistan and deficient areas/sectoral needs of the country for their services by continued provision of an online registration facility available to highly qualified persons and submission of demand/sectoral needs of institutions within the country as well as reducing the impact of brain drain through short to long term duration visits of Expatriate Nationals to Pakistan.