Nov 012023
Past Event

Charting Compliance: The FATF Evaluation in India and its Impact on South Asian Region

The theme of the one-day conference is to provide a comprehensive discussion and overview of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) evaluations in India and its impact on the Indian economy and in region. This discussion will help to explore the implications of FATF evaluation in India and how it affects the broader regional context in terms of financial security and stability.

Seminar Schedule:

Session 1:
Topic: Navigating Compliance: Unveiling the FATF Framework and Its Influence on India

This session will explore the FATF framework, its workings, and how it impacts India's compliance efforts. It emphasizes the dual objectives of understanding and implications. This session will chair Dr. Shabana Fayyaz Chairperson  Department  of Defense and Strategic Studies.

11.00 AM-11.05 Recitation of Holy Quran
11:05 AM - 11:10 AM: Opening Remarks Director School of Politics and International Relations
Speaker1 :  Kamran Saeed Usmani
Unpacking How India's FATF Compliance Influences Neighboring Nations
11:10 AM – 11.20 AM: Speaker 1
Speaker2 : Dr Waqar Masood Khan
Economic Implications of FATF Compliance in India
11:20 AM - 11:30 AM:
Speaker 3 : Baker Younis
The FATF Visit to India and Indian Media Response
11.30 AM- 11.35 AM
Interactive Session
11.35 AM – 11.50 AM

Session 2
Topic: Regional Resilience: The Ripple Effects of India's FATF Compliance and Collaborative Strategies

This session will highlight the broader impact on the region stemming from India's FATF compliance and the collaborative approaches taken to enhance financial security and stability. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of regional efforts in achieving compliance and stability. This session will chair Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal Director of School of Politics and International Relations.

Speaker 1: Barra Khalid
11.50 AM-11.55 AM
Speaker2: Dr. Baqir Malik
India's Journey Towards FATF Compliance:  Analyzing India's Progress, Challenges, and Future Directions
11.55 PM – 12.05PM
Speaker 3 : Sarfaraz Bugti
Collaborative Strategies for a Safer South Asia:  Promoting Cross-Border Cooperation to Strengthen AML and CFT Initiatives
12:05 AM - 12:20AM
Interactive Session
12.20 PM- 12.30 PM
12.:30 PM-12.40 PM: Conclusion of Seminar
Director SPIR

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