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Dr. Amir Ali Abbasi Represented Pakistan in Global Platform of Big Data in Life Sciences in Beijing

Dr. Amir Ali Abbasi from the Department of Bioinformatics, Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) represented Pakistan and QAU in the global platform of Global Biodiversity and Health Big Data Alliance (BHBD) as co-founding member in Beijing, China. The Meeting was chaired by representative from five countries including China, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

BHBD Alliance as an initiative of International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) is aiming to construct a world-class biodiversity and Health Big Data Center containing a variety of repositories and knowledge bases that are publicly accessible to world-wide communities. It will also promote the level of participation and influence of BHBD in global biological research. Pakistan as a co-founding member of this Alliance will ensure to inform scientific communities within its territory about the Alliance activities and promote its aim.

Dr. Amir Ali Abbasi while highlighting the significance of Pakistan’s role in BHBD said that the expansion of this Alliance in coming years and implementation of its aims will contribute towards benefiting 7.6 billion members of our own specie and will also help to control the ongoing biodiversity reduction caused primarily by Human Impact.

He said that Pakistan stands among 20 most polluted countries according to WHO report and in particular, increased global warming in Northern areas, rapid melting of glaciers, deforestation and water depletion are ultimately destroying the flora and fauna of lands once enriched with wildlife, hence, we are in dire need of preserving the biodiversity and BHBD Alliance will serve to the sole purpose.