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Dialogue held at SPIR with British Diplomats

Under the SPIR Lecture Series, a dialogue was held with British Diplomats on “Pakistan’s Foreign Policy and British Perceptions” on October 07, 2015 at SPIR Seminar Hall. Following diplomats participated in the dialogue.  Ms. Rachel Lloyd (Head of Foreign and Security and Policy – British Embassy New Delhi), Mr. Ben Greenwood (Deputy Head Pakistan Security and External Team, London), Mr. Gareth Roberts (Head of External Political Team, Islamabad), Mr. Ben Melton (Head Afghanistan Team, Kabul), Mr. James Crean (Head of India Team, Islamabad), Mr. William Calladine (Head of Afghanistan Team, Islamabad). Various aspects of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy and unfolding regional scenarios were discussed. “Pakistan cannot fight Afghanistan’s war within its own territory” said Dr. Jaspal (Director School of Politics and International Relations) while concluding the seminar.