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Department of Anthropology Commemorates UnitedNations International Day of Older Persons

The Department of Anthropology at Quaid-i-Azam University commemorated United Nations International Day of Older Persons recently. A panel discussion was arranged with Dr. Humaira Jami (Psychologist), Mr. Tafakhur Ali Asdi (DG Federal Audit) and Dr. Rao Nadeem Alam (Anthropologist) as panelist. Dr. Jami mentioned the psychological needs of the elderly, particularly in the case of dementia, in addition to that she stressed on the need of companionship in old age. Mr. Asdi mentioned that society needs to provide integrating spaces for elderly. Dr. Alam explained gerontology and its significance for academics, particularly social scientists. He added that Pakistan has a greater cohort of youth and they must be nurtured the value of listening to the elderly. Elderly centric technologies and designs should be adapted across society for improving the age equality among citizens. Students and faculty appreciated the event and acknowledged the need of such events.