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Delegation of Lanzhou University, China, Visits QAU

A delegation of Lanzhou University (LZU), China, headed by Vice President of the University visited the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) to explore research and academic collaboration opportunities.

 The Vice Chancellor, QAU, Dr. Javed Ashraf welcomed the delegation. The 11 member delegation comprised of  representatives and scholars of various departments of Social Sciences from  Lanzhou University including the of School of Life Sciences, School of Philosophy and Sociology, School of History and Culture, School of Management and Social Sciences Administration. The delegation members shared their areas of interest in research and ideas of collaboration with their counterparts in Quaid-i-Azam University. A number of areas of mutual interest were identified for research and academic activities including Madrasa Education in Pakistan, links of Sufi orders between China and Pakistan, social development in the cities of Pakistan, security risks faced by China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, rural poverty and development, researching innovation and entrepreneurship educational platforms.

 Dr. Sayed Wiqar Ali Shah, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Amin Badshah Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences, Dr. Ilhan Niaz, Dr. Farooq Ahmad Dar, Dr. Tanvir Anjum, Faculty member, Department of History, Dr. Muhammad Zaman, Chairperson Department of Sociology, Dr Muhammad Idrees Director School of Economics, Dr Ghani-ur-Rahman, Chairperson TIAC, Dr. Zafar Nawaz Japal, Faculty School of Politics and International Relations and Dr. Naima Atiq, Manager ORIC, attended the meeting.