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A talk on “Nuclear Age and Military Crisis”

On Wednesday, March 26th 2013, Brigadier (retd) Feroz Hassan Khan delivered a talk on “Nuclear Age and Military Crisis” at the Department of Defense and Strategic Studies (DSS). Brigadier (retd) Khan is currently a Lecturer at the US Naval Post Graduate School, Monterrey California, USA and the author of the renowned book on South-Asian Nuclear Politics and Security “Eating Grass; The Making of the Atomic Bomb”. The book chronicles Pakistan’s journey to acquiring nuclear weapons capability and the subsequent implications thereof. Much of the subject matter of the talk was also along similar lines.

Brigadier (retd;) Feroz Khan, while addressing the students of DSS put much stress upon the maximization of power through the strengthening of all institutions of the state. He argued that although acquiring nuclear weapons may have proved a vital move in creating a crisis stability in the region, much work is still required to be put into improving the institutions unrelated to the military in order to truly bask in the glory of that achievement. Power and Security can only be enhanced when the development of each institution is mirrored among the others, he said. Brig; Feroz Khan is a frequent speaker at the DSS Department and visits at least once a year to deliver talks on security issues and international political situations and/or their historical contexts. The students of the department are much grateful for his insightful and engaging lectures and have much to learn from this esteemed personality in International Security Studies.