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A seminar on Self-Assessment Report Writing and Institutional Evaluation conducted by Quality enhancement cell (QEC) of Quaid-I-Azam University Islamabad on 22-06-2021

The seminar highlighted various parameters of self-assessment, evaluation of different degree programs and writing report of institutional assessment in order to understand the overall performance of the academic institutes. The seminar convened by Chairman QAU self-assessment committee Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ishtiaq Ali, Prof. Dr. Jamil Aslam, Director QEC, Muhammad Fayyaz Khan and In-charge QEC of affiliated colleges Dr Asif Jamal. Thirty nominated program team members from QAU faculty and Chairman Liaison committee Prof. Naeem Dar along with nineteen QEC members from the affiliated colleges participated in the seminar. Dr. Muhammad Ishtiaq Ali provided a brief introduction of the self-assessment process and its role in the progress of academic institutes both in terms of national and international prospective. Mr. Fayyaz Khan highlighted the concept of self-assessment, its importance in enhancing learning outcomes and development of the vibrant academic institutes. Further, Director QEC, explained the responsibilities of program team members and assessment team specifically data collection and writing self-assessment report. The participants showed a deep interest in seminar and asked various relevant questions regarding institutional performance evaluation, role of self-assessment exercise in improving curriculum, modernization of the academic programs, student services, achieving learning objective and institutional ranking. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr Muhammad Ali Shah appreciated the effort of quality enhancement cell for the arrangement of seminar and extended full support to improve quality education and research at QAU. Being a growing economy, Pakistan needs to adopt new methods of self-assessment and quality education in order to shape a better and prosperous future. He also mentioned that Implementation of self-assessment at institutional levels could be very helpful to improve quality, marketability and global ranking of our academic institutes and degree programs. Today, role of universities is transforming from the knowledge factories to the hub of economic growth. In this prospective, self-assessment process is considered as an important quality tool to evaluate performance of the current education system and to outline future educational reforms.