52 students awarded Ph.D degrees in 10 disciplines

QAU continues to play effective role in national human resource development.

As many as 52 students of the Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) have been awarded Ph.D degrees in ten different disciplines.

Of these 52, Three degrees have been given in Biochemistry, 4 in Electronics, 6 in Mathematics, 5 in Physics, 6 in Chemistry, 6 in Microbiology, 3 in Statistics, 15 in Plant Sciences, 3 in Animal Sciences and one in Earth Sciences.

QAU is the country’s first and largest research University and ranked No.1 among public sector universities. The annual appearance of research publications in international journals by the teachers and students of QAU has been higher than its sister institutions, this has been made possible through extensive research work undertaken by the faculty and research students. Through innovative research, QAU faculty is creating the next generation of knowledge and giving students matchless opportunities for research and scholarly publication.

QAU Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai said that it is a matter of pride for the University that it is effectively and massively contributing towards human resource development in the country. He said the PhD degree awarding procedure of QAU is most comprehensive and in line with the international standards.

Briefing about the procedure of awarding degree he said thesis of PhD scholar is sent to three foreign referees/ experts of technically advanced countries for evaluation and degree is awarded only when all of them give their positive remarks.

He said since its establishment QAU has been contributing to the rapid advancement of Pakistan in areas of its relevance. University produces around 2000 trained graduates (M. Sc, M.Phil and PhDs) annually who are able to take up positions in diversified fields to implement the knowledge that they have gained.

In Biochemistry the degrees have been awarded to Amber Afroz; Mr. Amjad hameed; Mr. Amhad Manan. In Electronics degrees have been awarded to Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf; Mr. Ahsan Illahi; Mr. M. Amjad Imran and Mr. Akhtar Hussain.

Students of Mathematics Department who have been awarded degrees included Mr. Asghar Khan; Mr. Muhammad ramzan; Mr. Zaheer Abbas; Mr. Muhammad Irfan Ali; Mr. Ahmer Mehmood; Mr. Abdul Rehman.

In Physics degrees have been awarded to Mr. Muhammad Irfan, Mr. Muhammad Ramzan; Mr. Muhammad Irfan Asghar; Ms. Sarwat Hafeez; Mr. Abdul Shakoor Khan.

In Chemistry degrees have been conferred to Mr. Niaz Muhammad; Ms. Maliha Asma; Ms. Nasima Arshad; Mr. Shakuat Shuja; Mr. Ifthar Ahmed; Mr. Syed Muzamal Hussain.

Students who have been awarded degrees in Statistics included Mr. Muhammad Saleem; Mr. Nasir Abbas and Ms. Saima Altaf.

In Microbiology the degrees have been awarded to Mr. Pix Bux Ghumro; Mr. Ghulam Raza; Mr. Syed Tatheer Alam Naqvi; Mr. Taha Nazir; Ms. Rukhsana Firdous; Mr. Ejaz Rafique.

Scholars who have earned degrees in Plant Sciences included Mr. Muhammad Hadees; Mr. Muhammad Ayub; Mr. Musa Khan; Mr. Tariq Rafiq; Mr. Junaid-ur-Rehman; Ms. Ghazalah Yasmin; Ms. Shabnum Shaheen; Ms. Uzma Khan; Ms. Sobia Tabassum; Mr. Sohail Jamil Qureshi; Mr. Muhammad Asad Ghufran; Mr. Sami Ullah Khan; Mr. Abdul Qadir; Mr. Zafar Jamal; Mr. Samin Jan.

In Animal Sciences degrees have been awarded to Mr. Muhammad Adnan Saeed; Ms. Zertashia Akram; Ms. Ommia Kalsoom; while In Earth Sciences the degree has been awarded to Ms. Shazia Asim.