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The admissions to various courses of study are invited from all over Pakistan and admissions are made on the basis of regional quota (Regular) and self-finance. Eligible foreign students are admitted subject to a valid visa and NOC from HEC.

A person holding a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent from any other recognized university, with at least a second division or its equivalent grade, is eligible for admission to the Master’s programme of study.

The candidates with Bachelor degrees who spent more than two years time after intermediate/HSSC such as BBA, BSc (Hons), B.C.S. three years time as B.Ed. or professional degrees viz. MBBS, BSc Engg. B.E. BSc (Pharmacy) or Agriculture are also eligible for admission to MSc Programme subject to the condition that they will not claim any exemption/relaxation in the courses of studies or the duration of studies (two years period/four semesters).


S# Discipline Subject Eligibility
1. Zoology BSc with Zoology in combination with any one of the following subjects:
Chemistry/Botany/Environmental Sciences/Physiology and Bioinformatics.
Three years BSc (Hons) degree holders in Zoology/Genetics/ Microbiology and Biochemistry are also eligible.
BSc (Ed) 3-years with Botany/Chemistry/Zoology
B.S (Zoology) 4-years programme with 2-years completed (pass).
BSc Degree holders in Medical Laboratory Technology are not eligible.
2. Biochemistry 1. BSc or BSc (Hons)/ BSc(Ed) 3-Years in Chemistry/ Biochemistry with any other subject of Life Sciences such as: Botany/ Zoology / Anatomy/ Physiology/ Pathology/ Pharmacology / Microbiology / Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics/ Genetics/ Molecular Biology/Marine Biology (Technology) / Agriculture/ Environmental Sciences etc.
2. Candidates with BSc Medical Laboratory Technology are not eligible.
3. Microbiology 1. (a) BSc Microbiology:
(b) BSc/BSc (Ed) 3-years with two of the following subjects:
2. BSc (Hons) 3-Years, Microbiology/Botany/Zoology/Genetics/Biochemistry.
3. Candidates with BSc Medical Laboratory Technology are not eligible.
4. Anthropology 14-years Bachelor Degree with any Social Sciences subjects.
5. Archaeology BA/BSc/B.Com/BBA/BPA/BS/BIT or 3-years honours degree or MBBS or BE.
6. Bachelor’s of Business Studies BA/BSc/B.Com (2-years) or equivalent degrees.
7. Public Administration BA/BA(Hons), BSc/BSc(Hons), BBA/BBA(Hons), B.Com/B.Com(Hons), BPA/BPA(Hons), BS/BS(Hons), BCS/BCS (Hons), BIT/BIT (Hons), MBBS, BE (Bachelor of Engineering).
8. Defence & Strategic Studies BA/BSc/B.Com/BBA, BA/BSc. (Hons) 3-Years.
9. Gender Studies BA or BSc / BA (Hons) 3-years with one of the following subjects:
Gender/Women’s Studies/Sociology/Political Science/ Economics/ History/ Geography/International Relations/ Journalism/ Mass Communication/Psychology/Applied Psychology/Humanities/Anthropology/Development Studies/ Pakistan Studies/Social Work/Demography/Media and Communication Studies.
10. Pakistan Studies i) BSc/BBA/B.Com/BA (Hons) 3-years.
ii) BA with Social Sciences (History/Economics/Political Science/Sociology/Psychology/Journalism/Geography/International Relations/Philosophy/Languages and Literature).
11. Psychology 1. BA/BSc with one of the following subjects:
Psychology/ Applied Psychology, Sociology, Education, Statistics, Social Work.
2. BSc in Behavioral Sciences/Home Economics.
3. BSc (Hons) Psychology (3-Years)
12. Sociology 14-years Bachelor Degree with any Social Sciences subjects.
13. Computer Science a) BA/BSc (2-years duration) with Mathematics or Computer Science or
b) Engineering Graduates in all areas except in CS/CE/SE/IT or
c) Masters in any subject with Mathematics or Computer Science as a course.
14. Electronics 1. BSc with Mathematics and Physics or 2. BSc (Electronics) or 3. B.Tech (Hons) or 4. BCS or 5. BS.Ed (3-Years)
15. Information Technology FSc with Physics and Bachelor Degree with Mathematics as a major subject.
16. Mathematics Studies BA/BSc with Math-A and Math-B Course (Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics) or Mathematics (General) with Physics or Math-B Course, BS.Ed (3-years)
17. Statistics BA/BSc with Statistics and Math-A/Math-B Course/Mathematics General.