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Student Accommodation

The University has proper boarding facilities for the male and female students admitted in various disciplines. At present there are nine hostels functioning at the Campus. These hostels are centrally located having a walking distance to the various departments/schools/institutes/centres of the University.

Basic Data is as under: –

HostelsResidential StatusRooms OccupancyAccommodation capacity
Hostel No. 01Female102 (Bi Seaters)204
Hostel No. 02Female102 (Bi Seaters)204
Hostel No. 03Male102 (Bi Seaters)204
Hostel No. 04Male102 (Bi Seaters)204
Hostel No. 05Female115 (Bi Seaters)230
Hostel No. 06Male90 (Four Seaters)360
Hostel No. 07Male52 (Four Seaters)208
Hostel No. 08Male112 (Bi Seaters)224
Hostel No. 09Male112 (Bi Seaters)224
Annexies Female70 (Bi Seaters)140
Administrative Control:

Each hostel is under the administrative control of a Senior Warden, Resident Warden and Assistant Resident Warden. They remain busy providing proper boarding facilities to the boarders and also maintain peace, harmony and discipline round the clock.

Hostel Allotment:

Hostel allotment of the resident students is carried out on “first come first serve” basis. Keeping in view the merit maintained by the ministerial staff, he newly admitted students of the University can apply for hostel accommodation through “Campus Management Solution System” or directly at the Hostel office.

Mess System:

Each hostel has its own mess which is functioning on “no profit no loss” basis. Mess menu is set after considering the wish and taste of the students. This system provides tasty and hygienic meals to the resident students on very low price compared to the market.

Night Canteens:

A night canteen facility is available in each hostel to provide fast foods, snacks, tea etc. to the resident students in the premises of hostel during night.

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