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Support that the Registrar Office offers?

There are some important common characteristics which run throughout our activities, and which contribute to its ethos. The Registrar office plays a part as a regulator within the University, assisting in the interpretation and application of Regulations and other rules and guidelines. These help everyone to know where they are, and ensure fair treatment for all.

So, while we help to promote higher education in general and Quaid-i-Azam University in particular, and to recruit students to the University, we do so within a context of stated and clear entrance regulations, and we give advice to potential applicants knowing that the ultimate aim of selecting and admitting students is to find those who are well qualified to benefit from their programme of study and to complete it successfully. In relation to international students, in particular, we provide additional support and guidance once students are here, as well as encouraging them to come to the University in the first place.

Similarly, the Registrar’s advice in the process of designing new programs of study helps to ensure that the University’s rules are adhered to, and our contribution to the creation of these programs within administrative systems means that there is a common standard for all, with transparent structures which all can see.

Our independent contributions also help to ensure that the arrangements for the conduct of examinations are made with equal regard for all participants, while the support for quality assurance within the University comes from a part of the team which is familiar with practice right across the University.

In summary, through the impartial application of rules and procedures, and the operation of core student-related administrative systems, we contribute to the smooth running and the fundamental academic purposes of the University, and to the implementation of policies and strategy. Whether in examination arrangements or admissions, or any of our other functions, we also try to take account of individual needs, while seeing these in the context of a whole community where fairness to all and the maintenance of standards are both important. The Registrar shares with many other parts of the University a balancing function in relation to these rights and responsibilities.

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