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  1. The Syndicate consist of:
    1. The Vice-Chancellor who shall be its Chairman (Chairperson);
    2. One member of the National Assembly to be nominated by the speaker of the Assembly;
    3. deleted
    4. The Chief Justice of Pakistan or a Judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan nominated by him;
    5. The Secretary. Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan;
    6. One nominee of the University Grants Commission (renamed as Higher Education Commission);
    7. One Dean to be nominated by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor;
    8. One Professor to be elected by the Professors of the University from amongst themselves;
    9. One Associate Professor to be elected by the Associate Professors of the University from amongst themselves: and
    10. Three persons of eminence to be nominated by the Chancellor;
    11. One principal of an affiliated college to be nominated by the Chancellor;
    12. deleted
    13. One aalim to be nominated by the Chancellor: and 4
    14. One woman to be nominated by the Chancellor;
  2. The members of the Syndicate other than ex-officio members, shall hold office for three years;
  3. The quorum for a meeting of the Syndicate shall be one-half of the total number of members, a fraction being counted as one.
Powers and Duties of The Syndicate
  1. The Syndicate shall be the executive body of the University and shall, subject to the provisions of this Act and the Statutes, exercise general supervision over the affairs and management of the property of the University.
  2. In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision, the Syndicate shall have the power:
    1. to hold, control and administer the property and funds of the University;
    2. to govern and regulate, with due regard to the advice of the Finance and Planning Committee in this behalf, the finance, accounts and investment of the University and for that purpose, to appoint such agents as it may think fit:
    3. to consider the annual report and the annual and revised budget estimates and to approve the same6 and to re-appropriate funds from one major head of expenditure to another;
    4. to transfer and accept transfer of moveable or immovable property on behalf of the University;
    5. to enter into, vary, carry out and cancel contracts on behalf of the University;
    6. to cause proper books of accounts to be kept for all sums of money received and expended by the University and for the assets and liabilities of the University;
    7. to invest any money belonging to the University, including any unapplied income, in any of the securities described in Section 20 of the Trust Act 1882 (II of 1882), or in the purchase of immovable property or in such other manner as it may determine, with the like power of varying such investment;
    8. to receive and manage any property transferred and grants, bequests, trusts, gifts, donations, endowments and other contributions, made to the University, and to administer any funds placed at the disposal of the University for specified purposes;
    9. to determine the form, provide for the custody and regulate the use of the Common Seal of the University;
    10. to provide the buildings, libraries, premises, apparatus, equipment and other means required for the purpose of the University, and to establish and maintain halls of residence and hostels or approve or licence hostels or lodgings for the residence of students;
    11. to arrange for the inspection of the colleges and the teaching departments and Institutes;1
    12. to institute Professorships, Associate Professorships, Assistant Professorships, Lectureships and other teaching posts, or to suspend or abolish such posts;
    13. to create, suspend or abolish such administrative, research, extension or other posts as may be necessary;
    14. to appoint University Teachers and other Officers on the recommendations of the Selection Board for teaching and other posts;
    15. to appoint Professors Emeritus on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed;
    16. to confer with the prior approval of the Chancellor, Honorary degrees in accordance with the conditions prescribed;
    17. to prescribe the duties of Officers, Teachers and other Employees of the University;
    18. to suspend, punish and remove from service in the prescribed manner officers (other than the Vice-Chancellor, and the Treasurer) 2, Teachers and other employees whom it is empowered to appoint;
    19. deleted 3
    20. to appoint members to the various Authorities in accordance with the provisions of this Act;
    21. to frame and approve the Statutes;4
    22. to consider, and deal in the manner prescribed in sub-section (2) of section 28 with the Regulations made by the Academic Council;
    23. to regulate, determine and administer all other matters concerning the University and to this end exercise all necessary powers not specifically mentioned in this Act and Statutes;
    24. to delegate any of its powers to an Authority or Officers or a Committee or Sub- Committee;
    25. (x-a) to advise the Chancellor on the grant of affiliation to an educational institution and  the withdrawal of such affiliation;1
    26. to perform such other functions as have been assigned to it by the other provisions of this Act or may be assigned to it by the Statutes.

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