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Regional Quota For Bachelor’s And Master’s Programme

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The University admits academically sound individuals on the basis of merit determined by the pre-university academic record. Being a federal institution it provides admission to all regions of the country as per approved quota and also welcomes admission to foreign students.

Admissions are made in December/January and July/August every year on regional quota basis as well as on self-finance education scheme basis. Bachelor’s programmes are announced once a year whereas admissions to PhD, MPhil and Master’s programmes are announced every semester coupled with Computer/IT short certificates/diploma courses.

Regional Quota For Bachelor’s And Master’s Programme
Merit 7.5%
Punjab (including Federal Area of Islamabad) 50%
Sindh including Karachi (Rural 60% and Urban 40% of 19%)
Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa 11.5%
Baluchistan 6%
Gilgit Baltistan / Federally Administered Tribal Areas 4%
Azad Kashmir 2%

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