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Planning & Development Directorate

Qauid-i-Azam University has a full fledge Directorate with the name of Planning & Development (P&D) Directorate established in the year 2009 to cope with future requirements of infrastructure and up-gradation of the university. P&D Directorate has been provided with officer level positions of Director (BPS-20), Deputy Director (BPS-18) and Assistant Director (BPS-17). Director (P&D) is a principal officer of the university as per Calendar of the university. The main role and responsibilities of P&D Directorate are as under:

  1. Planning, Designing, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation of projects.
  2. Coordination with Planning Commission and Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan in respect of public sector development projects of QAU.
  3. Coordination with different donors, sponsoring development projects at QAU.
  4. Preparation of PC-I, work plan and detailed cost estimate of development schemes.
  5. Preparation of Proposals of development projects sponsored by different donors.
  6. Preparation of Monitoring Reports (PC-III), Project Completion Reports (PC-IV) and its submission to HEC and Planning Commission.
  7. Planning, designing and implementation of all components of the project according to the approved plan (PC-I).
  8. Preparation of Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of QAU and its submission to Higher Education Commission and Planning Commission.
  9. Project financial management, procurement & contract management, project implementation management and project integration management.
  10. Project monitoring, evaluation & periodic review and reporting to the Higher Education Commission & Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan and other donors.
  11. Supervision of all tenders, procurements and developments under development projects to ensure all executions as per approved PC-1 and according to public sector rules/regulations.

P&D Directorate

Registrar Office

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