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The Meeting Section engages in diverse tasks. For instance, it conducts meetings of the statuary bodies i.e. the Syndicate, Selection Board, Academic council, Advance Studies and Research Board, Formation of Committees, Standing Committee, Deans and Chairpersons Committee. For organizing these meetings, The Meeting Section prepares working papers in the form of Agandas. The staff of the Section also arranges the refreshment / lunch for these meetings. The Section is also responsible for preparing extracts that is based on the decisions of these meetings. We also circulate / issue extracts to the quarter concerns.

The Section also maintains record related to the statuary bodies. For the formation of Statuary Bodies is one of the primary tasks of the Meeting Section. In this regard, we prepare summaries of the Statuary Bodies. For example the Syndicate is composed of fourteen members and for each member, the office prepares a separate summary to be submitted for approval of the Chancellor.
Simultaneously, the Staff also works for the formation of the Board of Studies for all the departments of the University and affiliated Institutes / colleges. To achieve this goal, the staff informs the concerned department to forward names of the experts/members for the next term. After receiving nominations, the Section processes the cases for the relevant Bodies including the Syndicate, Academic Council and the Vice-Chancellor. After seeking approval from relevant Bodies/Authorities, the Meeting Section notifies the same and circulates amongst concerned offices.

The Meeting Section also deals with the cases of the Formation of Committees including House Allotment Committee (C and D) 1-16, Hostel Discipline Committee, Campus Maintenance Committee (Resident Colony) (For campus), Technical Committee for Verification of Computer and Electronic Item, Transport Committee, Allotment of Residential Accommodation in BPS-17 and above Purchase Committee, Investment Committee For Short term and long term Investment. Formation of the finance & Planning Committee, Sports Committee, Departmental Promotion Committee, Discipline Committee, house building/ Conveyance Advance Committee, Formation of Equivalence Committee, Admission Committee, Plagiarism Committee (Turnitin Software), Physical Verification Committee, Horticulture Cell Committee/Daily, Affiliation Committee, Library Committee, Building Committee and tender open Committee, Auction Committee, Tender Opening Committee, Endowment Fund Committee /Rules, Cafeteria Committee, Formation of Central Workshop, Committee for Condemnation of University Vehicles, Foreign Visiting Faculty Housing Allotment Committee, Library Discipline Committee,

Committee appointed control illegal construction/encroachment at the university campus.

In addition to the above, the Section also prepares documents for various Committees as constituted by the Vice-Chancellor and Statuary Bodies time to time. Other than these tasks, the staff also involves in the appointments of Deans, including Faculty of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Medicine. For this purpose, the staff members prepare summaries for the appointment of Deans to be submitted to the Chancellor for his kind approval.

The Section also deals with the appointments of the Chairpersons. The Meeting Section notifies the same and circulates amongst the concerned offices.

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