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7th International Conference on Positive Psychology: Developing a Flourishing Community

National Institute of Psychology, Centre of Excellence, Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad organized 7th International Conference on Positive Psychology: Developing a Flourishing Community on 29th & 30th November 2018.

Prof Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice Chancellor, QAU, appreciated the National Institute of Psychology (NIP) to organize such a successful academic event and to provide a platform the researchers from all over the Pakistan to share their work on the various themes of conference. He admired the role that National Institute of Psychology places in playing life-long learning and development, positive community engagement, developing leadership skills.

Prof. Dr. Anila Kamal (Director, NIP) in her address highlighted the fact that in the era where terrorism and intolerance are prevalent, it is very important to highlight the positive aspects of human nature. She highlighted as a center of excellence National Institute of Psychology is trendsetter in the contemporary research and organizing conference at national and international level to bring researchers together across discipline.

She shared that the success of our event can also be gauged by the fact that this year we received more than 700 abstracts, based on scientific research out of which only 122 papers were selected for Oral Presentations and only 158 were selected in the category of poster presentation. All researches presented in one way or the other revolved around themes of positive psychology.

Themes of conference included happiness, health and wellness, family and positive interpersonal relationships, Prosocial behavior, social support, optimism, Hope and Humor, quality of life, Marriage and parent child relationship, assessment and intervention, community mental health, education, clinical practices, personality and personal development, work and organizations, counseling and psychoeducation, social and global issues, psychological assessment. The conference highlighted the issues and challenges in the field of positive psychology by taking into account both theory and action in national and international contexts.