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Seminar on “Brucellosis – Biosafety and Biosecurity”

A Seminar on “Brucellosis – Biosafety and Biosecurity” organized by Department of Animal Sciences was held. The objective of the seminar was to create awareness among masses specially brief the students and researchers about the disease. Dr. Iahtasham Khan, Associate Professor, Section of Epidemiology and Public Health University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Jhang was the guest speaker.

 Brucellosis is a zoonotic (transferable from animals to humans) disease that is caused by bacteria belonging to the genus Brucella. The disease is responsible for huge economic losses worldwide that occur as a result of abortions in female and loss of fertility in male animals caused by this infection. Most important species of livestock that are affected by this disease include buffaloes, cattle, goats and sheep. In humans the disease appears in the form of undulant fever and pain in joints. In Pakistan there is a high prevalence of Brucellosis in animals and the incidence in humans is also on the increase. Ordinarily the transmission from animals to humans occurs through consumption of contaminated raw milk or through close contact with the infected animals. Other people that are at a high risk of catching this infection include veterinarians and laboratory workers. Understanding of the biosafety and biosecurity aspects of this infection is of utmost importance in order to help prevent people from getting infected.