QAU >>M.Phil/Ph.D Fellowship

All the M.Phil/Ph.D Students who Secured their admission in QAU are entitled for fellowship @ Rs. 1500/- P.M/ For M.Phil & Rs. 2000/- P.M. for Ph.D Subject to the following criteria:

Only students in the first four semesters are eligible.
The Candidate must not be receiving a salary or Scholarship/fellowship from any other source.
The candidate must have a CGPA of 3.0 or more (for students of the 2nd , 3rd and 4th Semester) or 70% in the admission Merit list ( for Students of the 1st Semester).
For students of the 4th Semester the department must retain a certification by the supervisor that the students has been working regularly in the research project.
Candidates will have to give the department an affidavit to confirm that he/she is not obtaining any form of scholarship, fellowship, or salary from any other source. The fellowship will be disbursed only on the receipt of an affidavit.

Note: The students eligible for Fellowships are not entitled for any other financial assistance from the University.