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A course code should appear as:

XX[X] – # # #

For example EC-101 or CH-453 or BOT-610 etc.

  1. The alphabetic characters two (or three in special cases) should identify the department/institute for example EC for Economics CH for Chemistry and BOT for Botany etc. or should differentiate between equivalent programs of the same department; for example MSB for Management Sciences Business Administration (MBA degree program) and MSP for Management Sciences Public Administration (MPA degree program).
  2. The three digit number should identify the course offered in the department and its first digit should specify the level with following details:
  1. Number beginning with 1 or 2 for the courses taught in the first and second years of the BS (4 years) and Pharm-D programs.
  2. Numbers beginning with 3, 4 or 5 for the courses taught in the third or fourth (or fifth) years of the above programs given in (i).
  3. In case of Masters programs (M.Sc., MPA, MBA or MA) code numbers of the courses offered in the first year to begin with 3 while those in the second year to begin with 4 or 5.
  4. Numbers beginning with 6 or 7 for the taught courses of MS, M.Phil and Ph.D. levels.
  5. Special courses, seminar courses, research projects leading to dissertation/ thesis as requirement of MS, M.Phil or Ph.D degree to begin with 8 or 9.
  1. Non credit English course taught at M.Sc. level in the FSS should have same code throughout (EN-001 not identifying the departments).
  2. Compulsory courses like Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies taught in the BS (4 years) programs should have same code throughout (not identifying the department). However, English and other courses adopted by the Department/School may be given code that may identify the Department/School.
  3. The CMS staff will take care of items at 3 and 4 above but suggestions are welcome.
  4. The department should get the code of a new course first retified from the CMS Database before placing it in any Academic Body.