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13th International Pure Mathematics Conference 2012

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Federal Minister for Education & Training, Sheikh Waqas Akram has said that being one of the most important countries in the world, Pakistan cannot afford to undermine its role in the global affairs in general, and science and technology in particular. He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of the “13th International Pure Mathematics Conference 2012” organized by, Quaid-i-Azam University in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Pakistan Mathematical Society and Preston University.

Sheikh Waqas Akram said that Mathematics is playing a significant role in the development of science and technology all over the world and people are benefiting from its innovations. It is essential for Pakistani scientists to remain in touch with the international community of their counterparts.The Federal Minister also made an announcement during his speech that a grant of Rs 5 million will be given to the Pakistan Mathematical Council to convene a mathematical conferences in future.

QAU, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai in his welcome address said that primary aim of organizing such activity is to enhance the understanding of mathematics and providing an opportunity to mathematicians for exchanging ideas with colleagues at a national, as well as international level. “I am sure that this congregation of mathematicians will be a significant step forward in setting new trends of research in all the branches of mathematics. I am sure the IPMCs will have centrifugal impact on mathematics in Pakistan, and our country will benefit from the novel ideas which will emerge from the proceedings of these serial conferences” he added.

He also briefed the audiences about the latest achievements of the QAU during the last years which is the prime institution for the development of highly qualified and skilled human resource in this country. He said that excellence has been the guiding principle of our academic activities. Consequently, Quaid-i-Azam University has distinguished itself through quality of research and teaching that is recognized internationally. He lauded the efforts of the organizers, especially Prof. Dr. Qaiser Mushtaq, Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences (QAU) and his team in the Algebra Forum, for arranging and sustaining such a valuable serial of international conferences.

Prof. Dr. Qaiser Mushtaq in his speech briefed the participants about historical background, contribution and importance of the thematic mathematics conference (IPMCs) series. He also thanked the Preston University, the Pakistan Science Foundation, the Higher Education Commission, and the National Centre for Physics for supporting this valuable activity.